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Usman Peerzada Pakistani Best Actor
Usman Peerzada

Usman Peerzada is a renknowned theatrical and screen director and actor, and has acted in numerous plays and films. His contributions behind the camera are also well known and he has directed and produced many highly acclaimed projects.He has worked in Numerous movies, made documentaries, worked as an advisor for organizations such as UNICEF, and produced films and television programs.

In 1986 he directed, wrote, produced and acted in Nazdikian, his directorial debut. Although Nazdikian was one of the lowest budget films ever made in Pakistan, it did a reasonable business at the box office and won 4 National Awards (the government sponsored most prestigious awards in the country) including the Best Film of the year 1986. In all, it won over 17 awards.

In 1989, he wrote, directed and produced a mega star Punjabi film called “Gori Dyan Jhanjran” which did remarkable business on box office. “Gori Dyan Jhanjaran” won 6 national awards given by the Government of Pakistan including the Best Film of the year 1990, which is an all time record in the history of the National Awards. Since 1990, he has been involved in creating a modern video/film studio with latest technology.He wrote, produced, directed and acted in one of the most commercially successful Tele-drama 13 part serial “SOFIA for TV. In 1997 he directed “QARZ” which got 14 nominations for national film award. He is also involved in producing and directing 90 minute Tele-films.

In 1995 he produced, wrote, directed and acted in a TV serial, Sophia, which was aired on Pakistan Television (PTV). Sophia has broken all previous PTV marketing records by bringing 14 major sponsoring clients for its first Episode, which clearly shows the reputation Peer films enjoys with the multinational companies in Pakistan.

Since 1990, he has been involved in creating a modern video / film studio with latest technology.

He is Currently involved in the production of Zargul a film project designed for International Release and is also directing a movie Namoos based on the classic play by Rafi Peer.


He studied in Government College Lahore from 1967 to 1974, eventuaslly doing his Masters in English Literature from here. During his stay here he was the secretary of the Government College Dramatic Society. In 1971 he was awarded the best actor of the year at the Najam-ud-Din Drama Festival, Kinnaird College Lahore. In 1974 he organized and acted for the USIS rapatory Theatre company.

During the 1975-76, he played the lead role in the first Pakistani English language film produced and directed by, now senator, Javaid Jabbar which was titled Beyond The Last Mountain.

He later starred in the first Pakistan-Sri Lanka co-produced film titled Sazish (1967-77). He also starred in a Sri Lankan-Italian-French co-production titled Seeta Devi. Thisd was an international film and was shot on locations in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Australia.

After that, during the period 1977 to 1979 he worked in the Pakistan film industry as an actor. During this time he starred and co-starred in Numerous films.

He is also one of the top billing star on Pakistan T.V. and as a documentary film maker. He also worked on UNICEF projects in advisory capacity as a film journalist.

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