Khalid Abbas Dar
Khalid Abbas Dar – Pakistani Stage Actor Career Khalid Abbas Dar started his broadcasting
Ms Samina Khalid Ghurki
Federal Minister for Social Welfare and Special Education Ms Samina Khalid Ghurki was born
Maheen Khalid rizvi
Actress and Model  Maheen Khalid Rizvi or Maheen Rizvi is a new beautiful face
Lt. Gen (R) Naeem Khalid Lodhi
Former Defence Secretary of Pakistan Mahmud Ali Durrani  (born 1941) is a retired Pakistani
Khalid Malik
Actor/entertainer  Khalid Malik or Malik Khalid Abbas Awan is an actor and entertainer who
Khalid Malik
Actor/entertainer  Khalid Malik is an actor and radio entertainer,he is a very good model
Khalid Anum
Pakistani Pop Singers, Folk Singers Khalid Anum is a popular Pakistani TV artist as
Khalid Latif
Khalid Latif Pakistan Cricket Players Although Khalid Latif made his first-class debut five days
Khalid Anwar
Former Law Minister Mr Khalid Anwer is an ‘eminent’ lawyer, and according to his
Annie Khalid
Pakistani pop singer Noor–ul–Ain popularly known as Annie, she is a Pakistani pop singer.
Abdul-Rauf Khalid,
Pakistani actor, filmmaker and television writer/director.  Abdul-Rauf Khalid, is a Pakistani filmmaker, and television
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