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Shamil Khan

Shamil Khan was born in March 1978 in Islamabad and he is a film and TV actor from Pakistan. He was introduced in “Larki Punjaban” by Syed Noor. Success of the film helped him gain recognition which earned him immediate offers from TV. Now he is a mainstream actor in both TV and film where he is cast in both main and supporting roles. In March, 2008 Shamyl Khan was married to Wajiha, who is his real cousin. He appear in many drama series and long movie both for leading actor and just supporting one. His acting career made him as one of Richest actor in Pakistan.

Shamyl Khan was born Islamabad to Rich and good educated family in Pakistan. According to him, if he traced his root he found that he was from Turks descent. His mother was Turkish meanwhile his father was Central Asian which made this hot actor had an unique face , different from Pakistani in general. Shamyl Married to his real Cousin Wajiha, there are a real controversy about this issue, many said it was illegal wedding, but if you go to Pakistan this habit was common happen on that country.

His family members was also a rich peoples, two his sister was lawyer, and third sister was a doctor. meanwhile his brother was working in top oil company in Pakistan. Basicaly Shamyl is also working on the same company as his brother was but after looking for other years, he realized that job is not for him, he prefered to working on entertainment business. Now Shamyl live happy life with his beloved sister in Islamabad with his career becoming better and better.


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Shamyil Khan with wife and son
Shamyil Khan with wife …
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