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Qasim Raza

A Masters in Computer Sciences from USA, Qasim Raza started his career from the IT department of Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd. but after 12 years of service he resigned to follow his passion of photography and became a fashion photographer as during his masters he did bachelors in photography. Later he joined SHE Magazine as A. Editor in 2003. Later in 2005, he joined TV Times Magazine as a Senior Editor. In 2006 he joined Interflow as Sr. Copy Writer English. In 2007 the owners recognizing his talent transferred him to NEWS1, where he was a researcher for a political talk show Rana Mubashir at Prime Time and another show Pakistan Chowk. He joined NEWS1 as a researcher and soon became a producer. Qassem later joined Express News, and began his own Raho Jagte supply and writer, researcher and the host. He said he did not imitate, and various characters in the TV sky spelling Baghair exhibition Kay Jazbat and play characters of the few politicians in Akhara Siyasi in NEWS1. Now that it has joined with us from outside the penalty area conceptual GA JAGAUN major exhibition, as well as being the host country and multi-faceted Qasim Raza is an army of one man, not only because it is responsible for writing and research, and coordination of the exhibition … Which also has addressed the primary display JAGAUN GA.

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