Mustafa Qureshi

Pakistani Film Supers Star Mustafa Qureshi
Mustafa Qureshi

Mustafa Qureshi  is a Pakistani film and television actor. He was born in Hyderabad, Pakistan on 11 May 1937 before partition of subcontinent. He gained popularity from Punjabi films. His iconic role as the villain Noori Nat in the movie Moula Jat became a trademark and he went on to adapt similar roles for many years to come. He did regret being typecast as he wished to show his versatility in acting. He has acted in more than 500 movies, in both Urdu and Punjabi languages.

    Lakhon Main Ek


    2012 Sultanat (post-production)

    Haji Baba

    2008 Zill-E-Shah

    2008 Basanti. Suhagan.

    2007 Soha Jora.

    2000 Angaray

    1996 Chief Sahib

    1996 Mummy

    1995 Sargam

    1995 Jeeva

    1992 Nag Devta

    1992 Wadero Sain

    1992 Joshilay

    1992 Liking

    1992 Godfather

    1991 Darya Khan

    1991 Cobra

    1990 International Guerillas

    1990 Steel

    1990 Shadmani

    1988 Qismat Wala

    1988 Fire Aag hi aag

    1988 Thieves

    1986 Sanjhi Hathkadi

    1985 Ziddi Khan

    1985 Khuddar

    1985 Badle Di Aag

    1985 Hong Kong Key Sholay

    1984 Sajawal Daku

    1984 Sholay

    1982 Sangsar

    1981 Jatt Da Wair

    1981 Chacha Bhateeja

    1981 Jeedar

    1980 Harasat

    1980 Hitlar

    1980 Smuggler

    1979 Giraftar

    1979 Maula Jat

    1979 Hathiar

    1978 Khan Dost

    1978 Akbar Amar Anthony

    1978 Accident

    1977 Chor Sipahi

    1976 Hashar Nashar

    1975 Hathkari

    1975 Anari

    1969 Andaleeb

    1958 Pardesi

He started his film career as villain from film “Lakhoon Main Aik” in seventies.

And is also considered it to be a major supporter of the PPP. He has worked with Benazir Bhutto and shows a real dedication towards the statement of the party. His mother tongue is Sindhi. Was married to Rubina Qureshi, who herself was a famous singer from Pakistan Television in 70. The rich are often mystical and songs.One of times people have hit every popular song is “Daci waleya morh mohar Y”.

Mustafa Qureshi backs screening of Indian movies

Mustafa Qureshi has supported the screening of Indian movies in Pakistan, arguing that that was the small income the otherwise moribund cinema industry needed for its survival.The veteran actor was speaking at a press conference held at the Karachi Press Club, where it was announced that the second Pakistan Media Awards would be held on April 22 in the metropolis.

Mustafa Qureshi, whose name with that of the assassinated actor Sultan Rahi guaranteed a film’s success, also narrated the reasons for the Pakistan film industry’s decline, saying that apart from other things “we’d made bad movies”.

Speaking about efforts being made for the revival of the industry, he told mediamen that film fraternity representatives had met President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Culture Minister Pir Aftab Shah to seek their support for the revival of the film industry. He, however, regretted that it’s not just the film industry but all other institutions were also faring bad in the country.

He said the volatile law and order situation in Karachi could be tackled by making good films, and there should be a parallel cinema in the country. He said though he was against Indian movies, it was the meagre business of cinema houses that made him realise that “the show must go on”.

Speaking on the occasion, director Syed Noor said if someone got up and helped the industry the chances of a good film being made were bright. He stated they’re trying to reestablish the film industry in Karachi and since our films had already hit rock bottom, they couldn’t do worse.

In response to a question on the reasons for the fall of the film industry, said Syed Noor There was a time when people lived in small houses to entertain themselves and visited a large cinema, because cinema was something that could startle or surprise you. These days, people have big houses and facilities, etc. multimedia prevented them from going to the movies. He said there is another reason that the state of cinemas in the country was weak.
Syed Noor appreciated the new cinemas that were coming up in Karachi and commented that new audiences must be created. “We’ve stopped surprising people” (Hum ne logon ko hairan kerna chhor dia hai). He said today you could also see the movies that were made in the rest of the world and notice the different techniques that they’re using. He lamented that Indian films were promoted in Karachi’s cinemas, whereas in the Punjab circuit his films had done good business.

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