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Babra Sharif was the foremost figure in the our Pakistani film industry during the 1980s and late 1970s. She started her career with some commercials. She worked with many famous names like Shahid, Nadeem, Waheed Murad, Ghulam Mohyedin and Muhammad Ali Sahab. She had great success in Urdu films in Pakistan.The face of a baby, the figure of a Barbie doll and the nerves of steel make this damsel one of the timeless queens of Pakistan film industry.

A talented actress who has performed several memorable roles on both the mini and silver screens. Babra is one of the most versatile actresses that Lollywood has ever produced .Babra Sharif was the foremost figure in the Pakistani film industry during the 1980s and late 1970s.Her first film was Shamim Ara’s Bhool in 1974. She had great success in Urdu films in Pakistan.

She did a variety of roles which proved her versatility as an actress. Some critics have also considered her as the best actress of her time in Pakistan, she was the first actress in the region who blended action and romance. She worked in more than 100 movies. Babra was one of the top actresses of Lollywood. she Is one of Pakistan’s most popular actress and the highest paid actress in Pakistan. She is 53 year old now but she looks so young fresh and beautiful .Babra sharif pictures .pictures of babra sharif are so beautiful

Babra Sharif acted in more than 100 movies and her first film was Shamim Ara’s “Bhool” in 1974. Soon a string of super hits followed such as “Aag”, “Salakhain”, “Baaghi Hasina”, “Miss Hong Kong” etc, but her success graph moved swiftly upwards, making her the most sought after and highly paid actress of all time. Babra Sharif was barely 12 Years when she appeared in the famous ad and was immediately signed by Shabab Kiraanvi for “Mera Naam Hai Mohabbat”. Her entry into movies became something of a phenomenon because the famed film producer took Babra on without a screen test. People were surprised at Shabab Kiraanvi choice of a heroine opposite Ghulam Mohiyuddin for a movie demanding high emotions.

For over two decades she was the number one of the Pakistan film industry. Her name in credits ensured success at the box-office. Babra Sharif went on to become Lollywood answer to glamour, style, versatility and an alluring, on-screen appeal not even remotely upheld by her successors. Her reign as Pakistan most successful actress lasted more than the career span of all those who later followed the diminutive diva into the film industry. Babra Sharif received a Nigar Award for “Shabana”, a super hit, and another Nigar Award for “Tina” and had received this Award 8 times.
In 1978 she married to film star Shahid, but the couple soon divorced. She also worked in Nadan Nadia, a Pakistan television comedy play by Anwar Maqsood. She also did Lux 50 years celebration commercial. Babra Sharif currently owns a jewellery shop in Karachi.
Believing in bowing out gracefully rather than being booted out, Babra Sharif was still a lucrative name when she called it quits ·A lesson that needs urgent learning by some of the later-day heroines. Since her departure, Lollywood has not been the same.

It was not simply a matter of matching her success graph as no heroine was able to cross the long distance between becoming an actress and reaching an icon status. Babra Sharif did that. She holds the distinction of covering that distance to be called a beauty icon, a title not awarded to anyone in the 50-plus years of Pakistan film industry. In a star-studded Lux Style Awards ceremony held in Karachi in 2003, Babra Sharif name was announced for the beauty icon award.


No.↓ Released↓ Film↓ Language↓
1 1974 Intazar Urdu
2 1974 Bhool Urdu
3 1974 Haqeqat Urdu
4 1974 Shama Urdu
5 1975 Ajnabi Urdu
6 1975 Mera naa Patey Khan Punjabi
7 1975 Mera naam hai mohabbat Urdu
8 1975 Maasoom Urdu
9 1975 Noukar Urdu
10 1976 Ajj di taza khabar Punjabi
11 1976 Chor noo mor Punjabi
12 1976 Deevar Urdu
13 1976 Dekha jaye ga Urdu
14 1976 Insaniyat Urdu
15 1976 Aansoo aur Sholay Urdu
16 1976 Zubaida Urdu
17 1976 Talash Urdu
18 1976 Aag aur Aansoo Urdu
19 1976 Waqt Urdu
20 1976 Nasheman Urdu
21 1976 Shabana Urdu
22 1977 Beti Urdu
23 1977 Insaan Urdu
24 1977 Jawani Deewani Urdu
25 1977 Mehman Urdu
26 1977 Pyar ka waada Urdu
27 1977 Aashi Urdu
28 1977 Dard Urdu
29 1977 Pehli Nazar Urdu
30 1977 Salakhen Urdu
31 1978 Dushman ki talash Urdu
32 1978 Ik chehra do roop Urdu
33 1978 Mazi, haal aur mustaqbil Urdu
34 1978 Mousam hai aashqana Urdu
35 1978 Kora Kaghaz Urdu
36 1978 Barat Urdu
37 1978 Prince Urdu
38 1978 Play Boy Urdu
39 1978 Zindagi Urdu
40 1978 Khuda aur Mohabbat Urdu
41 1979 Kis naam se pukarun Urdu
42 1979 Miss Hong Kong Urdu
43 1979 Nei Tehzeeb Urdu
44 1979 Josh Urdu
45 1979 Aag Urdu
46 1980 Chhotay Nawab Urdu
47 1980 Saima Urdu
48 1980 Badnaam Urdu
49 1980 Daaman Urdu
50 1981 Alladin Urdu
51 1981 Do Dil Urdu
52 1981 Laggan Urdu
53 1981 Mohabbat aur majboori Urdu
54 1981 Wafa Urdu
55 1981 Yeh Zamana aur hai Urdu
56 1981 Manzil Urdu
57 1981 Lajawab Urdu
58 1981 Bara Aadmi Urdu
59 1981 Gun Man Urdu
60 1981 Dil ne phir yaad kiya Urdu
61 1981 Khotay Sikkey Urdu
62 1982 Ek din Bahoo ka Urdu
63 1982 Jan-e-Mann Urdu
64 1982 Sangdil Urdu
65 1982 Aas Paas Urdu
66 1982 Angan Urdu
67 1982 Meherbani Urdu
68 1982 Tere bina kya jeena Urdu
69 1983 Sarelambe Pashto
70 1983 Teena Urdu
71 1983 Ik dooje ke liye Urdu
72 1983 Border Built Urdu
73 1983 Kainat Urdu
74 1983 Tina Urdu
75 1983 Badalte rishte Urdu
76 1984 Miss Colombo Urdu
77 1984 Zama pecham Pashto
78 1985 Haq Mehr Punjabi
79 1985 Hong Kong ke Sholay Urdu
80 1985 Miss Singapore Urdu
81 1985 Palkon ki chhaon mein Urdu
82 1985 Hero Urdu
83 1985 Mehak Urdu
84 1985 Parwana Urdu
85 1985 Deewane do Urdu
86 1985 Khoon aur Pani Urdu
87 1985 Zaman pegham Pashto
88 1986 Be-qarar Urdu
89 1986 Miss Bangkok Urdu
90 1986 Qatil Ki Talash Urdu
91 1986 Ek hi rasta Urdu
92 1987 Duniya Punjabi
93 1987 Griban Urdu
94 1987 Lady Smuggler Urdu
95 1987 Mera Insaaf Urdu
96 1987 Sun of AnnDaata Urdu
97 1987 Qasm Munney ki Urdu
98 1987 Kundan Urdu
99 1987 Deevar Urdu
100 1987 Love in London Urdu

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