Kamran Shahid

Anchor Person Of Express News

Kamran Shahid

He started His Journey from GC University Lahore,completed his Masters in International Relations from there,then went to University of Westminster for Studies,Then-after he came back he Joined GCU as Professor of History,Later He joined Quaid E Azam University Islamabad,Sharing his experience there then He came to National University of Fast Lahore at last he taught History and IR in Punjab University..He has written Two Books also First one is:Gandhi and the Partition of India
Secondly:International relations & political theory. After getting lot of experience He came into Media for Sake of Raising Voice of People.

Currently He is Doing a marvelous Show in History of Pakistan “Frontline with Kamran Shahid ” . is a hard hitting solicit- political and Current affairs TV show. This show intends to present the Voice of Unheard. Its format include documentaries,Topics related to different Walks of Life,first time discussed on TV, Road Shows, One on One Interviews and panel discussion with national and international issues,Students Interaction with Leaders,Youth Questions Direct to Policy Makers..Public Opinion (Viewers Poll) is a core feature of the program as well.

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Front Line With Kamran Shahid 12 November 2010
Front Line With Kamran …
Front Line With Kamran …

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