Junaid Saleem

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Junaid Saleem

Junaid Saleem born 21 August 1963 is a Pakistani journalist and Talk show host at Dunya News. He is working as a host in a Pakistan most popular political comedy talk show Hasb-e-Haal, with Najia Baig and Sohail Ahmed.Hailing from Okara, Junaid Saleem’s career in the field of journalism spans more than 2 decades. Mr Saleem did his Master’s in Mass Communication from Punjab University and has worked with the renowned media groups i the country. He also has had the honour to work abroad for an Urdu Daily of the Arab News Group. Currently, he is the Editor-in-Chief of Daily Insaaf.


He started his career by working in many media groups in Pakistan. Currently he is Editor-in-chief of Daily Insaf and also a host in program Hasb-e-Haal at Dunya News.

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