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Jia Ali

Jia Ali (often spelled as Gia Ali) is a Pakistani model and an actress. Born in 1972. Coming from a Punjabi Christian family, Ali began her career at the age of nineteen when she was discovered while working at a Pakistani salon.


Ali began her modelling career in 1991 at the age of nineteen after being discovered while working at a beauty parlor. She modelled for a Wrangler Jeans commercial and walked the ramp at Wrangler’s fashion shows. She was then approached by members of Lollywood, the Pakistani film industry. She was introduced to producer Sajjad Gul in Islamabad, and he signed her to play a role in Deewaney Terey Pyar Key. Following the success of the film, Ali acted in several movies that consolidated her position as a Lollywood actor, while she continued to travel between Lahore and Karachi for modelling assignments.


* Deewane Tere Pyar Ke
* Nakhra Gori Ka
* Dil Deewana Hai
* Rukhsati

Kaghaz ki phool

Goldenrod FrissonIam not like others. I cannot please the film makers by being a sycophant. These kinds of things are impossible for me. I cannot visit their offices so that someday someone will grant me a role.

Everyone is aware of the current situation of the Pakistani film industry. The films are turning out to be flops, there are no good investors in the industry any more. Even the cinema owners are moving to other businesses as they feel that the business is no longer profitable. The Venus cinema in Lahore has been pulled down while a new car showroom has replaced the Naghma cinema.

While the existing state of the industry continues to deteriorate who are angry at the industry people. They think that the industry does not accommodate young and talented newcomers. Among these actors, there is fashion model and actress Gia Ali.

She has been working in the showbiz industry for more than 10 years. She did her first TV play for PTV which went on the air in 1998. Gia started her film career through a mega blockbuster Deewane Terey Pyar Kay and worked only in two films. Her second film was Dil Dewana Hai. Currently her play Qisa Ulfat is being aired on TV. Right now, the actress is busy in modelling and working in TV serials. She is living in Karachi and very much into the fashion scene. The actress was in Lahore for a shoot when Mag4you.com caught her for an interview. During the interview, she gave blunt forthright replies to the questions and had a myriad grievances against the local film industry.

What does life mean to you?
For me, life is a source to have fun. My motto of life is Jeo aur jeney do. I don’t even like my parents to stop me when i am having fun. I thank my parents for bringing me into this world but on the other hand, I tell them not to interfere in my life decisions. Even when my mother was dying; her last words to me were, Beta hamesha khush raho.

Blue GhararaHow was your childhood?
I had a wonderful childhood with my brothers. I still remember the wonderful moments of my life. I was a tomboy in my childhood because I was brought up in guys.

Which do you like most, modelling or acting?
Fashion is my passion and the ramp is my lifeline. I am very much satisfied with my present status as an international model. I get the maximum satisfaction when I’m on a shoot. Modelling is the oxygen that keeps me alive.

What do you think about our film industry?
The industry is full of dull and dumb personalities. A certain community in the industry invests money only for the prpose of favoring actresses. They are not concerned about the quality of films but in satisfying their basic instincts. This behaviour has brought the industry to the brink of disaster.

Why are the Lollywood films not doing good business?
They won’t do a good business until and unless our film makers adopt a professional approach. How can you expect good results from a film where a 45 plus actress performs the character of a college girl. Excuse me! Is this what you call film making? I dare to ask the Pakistani producers and directors to change their thinking and stop their partiality while making films. Let talent reign.

You worked under the direction of Syed Noor, how was the experience?
I worked with him in my first film Deewane Terey Pyar Kay for the reason that it was a Sajjad Gul’s project. I also did my second film Dil Tera Deewana with him but the director cut my solo songs on the bogus excuse of shortening the film’s length. I don’t know why only my songs were edited. That was considered to be a dishonest act by the director.

But he is one of the best in Pakistan as his film Majajan has proved?
Majajan proved to be a hit only because the film’s heroine Saima was given a role that suits her. I don’t how it happened but for the first time a character suited her. You cannot present her as a young woman singing romantic songs with young heroes. She can be a jungli queen not a jungle queen.

Why do not people like you try to bring some change in Pakistani films?
To change the future of films, first I have to cast myself in films which I cannot. I am not like others. I cannot please the film makers by being a sycophant. These kinds of things are impossible for me. I cannot visit their offices so that someday someone will grant me a role. In our industry roles are granted to someone for her/his services not for the talent they possess. Let me tell you the price for a heroine in a film is 2.5 million. When I started my career, I started through my agent which I believe is the most professional way.

What would you say about actresses like Reema?
Reema Khan is an intelligent woman. The success of her film Koi Tujh sa Kahan has proved her capability as a director. She is one of the very few professionals in Lollywood while the rest are just abusing art.

What are your wedding plans?
I haven’t given it a thought yet. Marriage is not my goal. I know it will happen some day. But if you ask me the date, then I won’t be able to tell you.

So, are you in any relationship right now?
I always have a few relationships with anyone for some time but not on a permanent basis. I am the kind of girl who keeps a relationship for two to three years and then simply says bye.

Isn’t it odd to have a new relation every time, especially in our society?
Why is it odd? It is good to fall in love with more and more people. Could you name any book where it is written that you cannot love again? I don’t think you will ever be able to find such a book.

Dark Purple FrissonBut to do it again and again is wrong, what do you think?
No, not at all! I am the kind of person who staunchly admits this fact. There are still some showbiz ladies who deny the reality of their relations. Come on! This is the 21st century and everyone has someone in their lives, so why try to hide it? Be brave and accept it.

Are you happy the way our fashion industry has progressed?
Yes! Our fashion industry can now be compared with any fashion industry of the world. Now, we have good hair-stylists, makeup artists, photographers and above all fashion models.

Who are your favourite makeup artists?
There is a long list of my favourite artists. But I will name some of them and they are Maram & Abaroo, Ather Shehzad and Tariq Amin. I don’t like the Depilex makeup because they always try to make you a doll.

Any thing you would like to change in your personality?
I would love to deal with people in a much better way in future. I get some times really angry, which I don’t like.

Any thing you miss in your life?
I miss the presence of my mother in my life quite a lot. She passed away last year. Except for her, there is nothing that i miss. I am happy where I am and what I have.

Any moment that you still regret?
No, not yet! By the grace of God, there has never been such a moment in my life. God has been really kind to me and I am very thankful to him for giving me such a wonderful life and an amazing family.

If given a chance, what would you like to be born as?
I would like to be born in the same family and would love to join the same profession. I have nothing to wish for. I think whatever has happened to me was right for me. I consider myself as one of the luckiest persons in the world.

Any memorable day of your life?
It was my last birthday (May 23) which I cannot forget. The day turned out to be a memorable day of my life. I visited my mother’s grave, received a lot of phone calls and visited mazars(tombs).

Any plan to act in Indian films?
I have plans, but I won’t be chasing Indian directors the way most of our actresses have done. I want to get some diplomas in acting and then I would like to perform in Indian movies. As a matter of fact, I have been planning to visit India to take some short courses in acting.

Acting is an inborn talent or can it be acquired through experience?
Basically it is an inborn talent. But for being a versatile actor, you need to study acting in some institute.

Who are your favourite singers?
I have a long list of my favourite singers, including Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Shazia Manzoor

Dark Indigo FrissonWhat would be your advice to newcomers?
I would like to advise them that there is a good market for fashion models in India and Pakistan. But always launch yourself through a good agent in the industry.

What are your future plans?
I am a bit greedy in terms of wishes. I know I have earned a lot of fame that should satisfy me. But still I have plenty of plans ahead. I want to prove myself as one of the best actresses in the country.


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