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Juggan Kazim- Pakistani Fashion Model

Juggan Kazim

 Juggan Kazim was born in March 22, 1981. Her Real name is Mehr Bano, also known as Jay Kazim, is a Canadian and Pakistani actress, model and a television host. She has worked in numerous Pakistani telefilms and is making a mark on the Canadian film scene. She is especially recognized for her performance in various drama serials, lively anchoring and being featured on music videos directed by Bilal Lashari. She was nominated for MTV Model of the Year in 2008. 

Early life 

She grew up in Canton, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan with his older brother and younger brother. I went to Lahore Grammar School, and then to Kinnaird College Union to do it. After you’re done, I attended Kings College, an affiliate of the University of Western Ontario in Canada, where she is seeking Bachelor of Arts in the media, and with that she dropped out after two years. Juggan then married a shopkeeper Laundary and moved with him to Toronto. However did not last long on the marriage and divorced Juggan in approximately one year 


Kazim has been involved in media work, since she was four years old. In 1985-1986 I did ads with Samsonite and other products. The game was the first commercial Kazem when he was 14 years old, which was directed by Mashal Peerzada. However, she started professional representation and modeling career under the name “Jay Kazim ‘in Toronto, Canada. Has been approached by Sutherland Models in Canada to work as a model and commercial line of petite clothing of the dancers. I did music videos with the two of them and then approached by agents of the Canadian, and Newton Landry Management. Did the Declaration of Diet Coke, which lasted for two seasons. As they did after that a few more commercials, and theatrical work.

Upon his return to Pakistan, she started her career again with the hosting and modeling. In a television program and announced that it has signed a contract with Chan to work in three feature films. She says that her passion for acting and she does not want to be recognized as a model.

Future Projects 

Kazim is presently working on three films. She is expected to make her Lollywood film debut in Shaan’s directorial film, Chup which is believed to have classy songs and a catchy story line. She is also working on two other films alongside Shaan which are undergoing production. She is also going to work on Humayoon Sayed’s BATLAA project drama which is going to be the most expensive drama of all time in Pakistan. She will play the role of Noor Taka from the untitled project, it will also have Iman Ali, Imran Abbas, and others. It is also reported, she is going to play a main role in Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol which is expected to release in July 2010. 


* Beanbag (Business Plus)

* CEO (Business Plus)

* Aaj Entertainment Tonight (Aaj TV)

* Fashion Stop (Ary Digital)

* Sunday Brunch (Aaj TV)

* Morning with Hum Weekend Edition (Hum TV)

* Aik Din Juggun Kay Saath (Vibe TV) 

* Honestly Speaking with Juggun Kazim (PTV) 

* The Final Verdict with Juggun Kazim (Filmax) 

Drama Serials and Telefilms 

* Manosalwa

* Sitam 

* Piyasi 

* Sher Dil 

* Chaat 

* Aik Pal 

* Saiqa – Hum TV 

* Meri Un Suni Kahaani

 * Kagaz Ki Nao

 * Vasl


 * Pink Ludoos (2005)

 * Sweet Destiny (2006)

 * Chup (Pakistani film) (2010)

 * Syed Calling Sara (Pakistani film) (2011)

 * Bol (Pakistani film) (2011)

 * Loving You Maa (Pakistani film) (2011)

 Music Videos

 * Sajni – Jal

 * Ek baar – Shehzad Roy

 * Chal Bulleya – Mekaal Hasan Band


 How would you introduce yourself to our readers?

 I would like to think that I’m a rather multifaceted personality. From modeling to hosting to acting and lately the random bit of journalism; I seem to want to do it all. I just love the arts, and more specifically the media. I’m one of those people that wake up in the middle of the night because of having a dream that could be converted into a scene. For me, this line of work is more than a passion, it’s an obsession.

 Tell us about where you grew up, your family and education?

 I grew up in Canton, Lahore with his older brother and younger brother. My mother is still alive, but my father passed away 5 years ago. And his death was one of the most painful experiences in my life. My consists of a small unit of the family of my son for two years of age, Ahmed Hamza, and myself. I am a mother of one and adore my son to distraction, he is my motivation to do it all, and it makes me really want to be a better person.

 I went to middle school in Lahore, and then to Kinnaird College for my football. After you’re done, I went to Canada to attend the University of Western Ontario, where did I have the honor a bachelor’s degree in information technology, media and sociology with a minor in psychology. One summer while in college, as did my CCNA 2.0 just for fun. I think I was bored and computers are not exactly rocket science, so I decided to have fun and educate myself in the same time. After graduating from college, I took a series of training courses in the field of modeling and acting business. I am also now planning to do my Bachelor of Laws from the private sector. I must admit, I miss college and I love to educate myself constantly, but it makes me feel like I am still a child.

 You are an actress, a TV host and a model; how did you get involved with working in the media?

When I was four, someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. My reply was “mein bara ho kay actor banu ga.” At that age, I obviously hadn’t quite realized that I was a girl, which of course came along as a rude awakening at the age of thirteen.

 My first commercial play was when I was fourteen years old and the director was my best friend Mashal Peerzada. I must say, it was one of the most fun theatre projects I have worked on till date. However, I started my professional acting and modeling career under the name ‘Jay Kazim’ in Toronto. I was approached by Sutherland Models in Canada to work as a ‘petite’ and ‘commercial’ model; because obviously I am way too short for the ramp. I did two music videos with them and then was approached my current Canadian Agents, The Newton Landry Management. Sandie Newton and Yanick Landry took me under their wing and started sending me to auditions. I ended up doing a Diet Coke Ad which ran for 2 seasons because it was so popular. I also then did a few more commercials and theatre work, and in the process also auditioned for the movie Pink Ludoos. Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would be chosen as the lead in this movie; but Allah Mian was very kind to me and after only the 2nd stage of auditions, I was offered the part. (You can google me under ‘Jay Kazim’ and the rest of my stage and acting work in Canada will come up.)

 Did your family support your decision to enter this industry? What obstacles have you faced by entering this profession?

My family didn’t really approve of this line of work initially, but now I think they have come to accept it and are secretly a little proud of me. I had no major obstacles because I have always been very independent in my behavior and thought process. Also, once I had finished my degree from college, my mother was pretty much okay with whatever profession I chose to pursue.

 Out of modeling, acting and hosting, what do you enjoy most?

 I have never really considered myself to be a model. I am essentially an actress and enjoy hosting. Hosting is something I just fell into while I was pregnant, and now I have to say I love acting and hosting just as much. Though, I do have the soul of an actor. I host predominantly to change people’s narrow-minded perception of the media industry and to promote positive social change.

 What type of modeling have you done? Have you participated in fashion shows? If so, when and where?

I am mainly a print model, if you can call me a model that is. Modeling is something I do just for fun; I have never participated in fashion shows despite being trained by Sutherland Models to walk the ramp. I just think that at 5 feet 4 inches, I’d look rather stupid walking the ramp. One should learn to work within the limitations of one’s body rather than make of fool of themselves.

Tell us about the shows you host on TV.

 A.My career in hosting started with the program Beanbag, which I wrote and conceptualized for Business Plus. After that, I hosted: CEO for Business Plus, Aaj Entertainment Tonight for Aaj TV, Fashion Stop for Ary Digital, Sunday Brunch for Aaj TV

 My current programs on air are: Morning with Hum Weekend Edition for Hum TV, Aik Din Juggun Kay Saath for Vibe TV (Celebrity and Media Personalities kay interview.), Honestly Speaking with Juggun Kazim on PTV (Program deals with social issues within Pakistan)

You have acted as well; what shows you have acted in and what is your most memorable role in acting?

Recently, I worked in various projects in Pakistan. They are the most noticed in the year 2007: Manosalva in the character of Sheena for Hum TV, Sitam in the character of Kiran for PTV and Piyasi in the international character of the TV Hum. I also have worked in a variety of series and telefilms. Only recently my new serial aired on ARY Digital by the name of Sher Dil, who play personal Neelum. Now I am working on 3 serials, Momal production ‘Saika,’ Shahid ‘Chaat,’ to talk Zahoor series Filmein soap and television that have not yet been titled. The most favorite character played Maya in “Pal Ike,” a telefilm which I produced and which was directed by Mashal Peerzada. Has been selected by the film Hum TV telefilm to compete with them.

 They say that there are a lot of competition in modeling, what your experience was? Would you recommend this profession to young people wishing to enter this field?

Thank God I’m not a professional model! I model for fun only. If you are tall and slim, it’s easy to become a model in Pakistan. However, it’s much harder to be as good as an actor and Nadia Jamil or Faisal Qureshi. Twenty years ago I would not recommend this profession to anyone, but now things have changed for the better, and has allowed many people to enter the industry on a more positive note.

 You recently appeared in the latest Jal video, tell us where that video was shot and how was the experience?

 The video was shot in Lahore at Bari Studios. It was amazing to work with a team of such talented professionals like DOP Neil Lisk and director Bilal Lashari. Within the limited amount of technical facilities, they did a fabulous job. The hair and makeup was done by Maram and Abaru, and the wardrobe was provided by Rabya Butt and Munib Nawaz. Basically, there was no way that things could’ve gone wrong. It’s the team that makes the production, not just the talent!

To a lot of people, being a model means having a glamorous lifestyle, hundreds of fans and traveling; how true is this and what are the drawbacks?

People say that success goes to your head, but I wouldn’t know since I am not even one hundredth as successful as I aim to be eventually. Of course the fans, traveling and glamour are all part of the package that comes with acting, hosting and modeling. But it’s not quite as glamorous at it may seem. It’s a lot of hard work and effort at the end of the day. The drawbacks included constant exhaustion, constant criticism and the fans that sometimes decide to start stalking and harassing you. All in all, I love it because I don’t get caught up in the issues.

What are your goals for the future? Where do you see yourself professionally in the next 10 years?

I hope my book has been published and is working on the next few. In terms of representation, and I hope to be recognized as the Shabana Azmi or Meryl Streep of Pakistan. As far as hosting is concerned, Oprah is my idol! Of course, I do plan to start making feature films. These are the goals … I hope to replace them.

 Finally, what is your message to readers?

 Learn to love yourself. When you can love yourself honestly, and only then can you love others unconditionally. Learn to respect yourself and the opinions of others. Be a healthy person; clean and pure spirit goes a long way. And always follow your dreams. One always gets those things that they want most in life … But you have really wanted it.

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