Jami Chandio

Executive Director of the Center for Peace and Civil Society

Jami Chandio

Mr. Jami Chandio is renowned writer, scholar, and activist. He is executive director of the Center for Peace and Civil Society (CPCS), a think tank based in Pakistan’s Sindh province. He edits CPCS’ quarterly journal Freedom and oversees policy dialogues and research programs that target civil society, especially young writers, journalists and academia. One of Pakistan’s most celebrated writers and scholars, Mr. Chandio is the former editor in-charge of Ibrat, Pakistan’s largest Sindhi-language daily newspaper, a former anchor on Sindh TV and KTN, and former chair of the Liberal Forum of Pakistan. The only two-time winner of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society Award (in 2000 and 2001), he has authored more than a dozen books in Sindhi, Urdu, and English on literature, politics and Sindh.

He has worked with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Pakistan as a political expert since 2004. He was awarded Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellowship in fall 2008 by International Forum for Democratic Studies, Washington DC andduring his fellowship; Mr. Chandio conducted research on the ‘Crisis of Federalism and Prospects for Provincial Autonomy in Pakistan’ and wrote a book on the subject.

Such as South Asia as a political expert at the International CALD-ALDE in the European Parliament in Brussels, in 2004. He graduates from the various Regional and international policies such as think tanks “Regional Centre for Strategic Studies Colombo” (RCSS), ‘Wilton Park-UK’, and ‘International Leadership Academy and Germany “(IAF)” United States Institute of Peace’ (USIP), Washington DC As a member of the “network of research institutes of democracy” (The Class), the world’s largest network of research institutes of democracy. Fields interests include politics, literature, philosophy, Pure.

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Jami Chandio Addressing Presidential Speech
Jami Chandio Addressin …
Jami Chandio Addressing Presidential Speech.
Jami Chandio Addressin …
Jami Chandio in Sindh University jamshoro
Jami Chandio in Sindh …
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