Badar Munir

Badar Munir

Badar Munir was a Pakistani film actor once known as Badar Abdul. Originally from Madyan in the northern state of Punjab, he was first cast in more than 732 Punjabi, Urdu and Pashto movies between 1968 and 2008. A tough, committed character, Munir won innumerable loyal fans for his bold, sincere and strong characters in movies. Most of his films were on critical acclaim and won several Film Farewell Awards during his career.

After retirement, Munir pursued acting again, playing a lead role in the award-winning Baahubali movie. He went on to act in movies such as Kaal Bagh and Dhananaj. Later on, he returned to Hindi and played a pivotal role in Baahubali 2: The Legend. Munir’s versatility also saw him take on minor roles in Hollywood films such as Happy Days and Zoolander. In all, he appeared in hundreds of films across all genres and produced award-winning films including Dankiller, My Beautiful Laughter, Mumbai: Through the Ages and Cast Away.

Badar Munir is remembered for his powerful and intimidating character in Dankiller. His character negotiates with the villain repeatedly, making him promise not to kill him, until the latter promises not to kill any of his friends in the future. Munir’s tough negotiation style makes him unforgettable in the role. The character epitomizes a Pakistani man’s strong sense of values and dedication to his duties and responsibilities.

Another iconic character of Munir’s is Bollywood’s Guru. Guru was the head of the Sikh temple at Alwar and protected by a fortress that was constructed to protect them from attack by the Marwaris. The film showcases Munir’s commitment to his duties and his trademark gruffness. The film did well in its international box office, making him an international star.

Another underrated character of Munir’s is his portrayal of the jaded terrorists who plots the assassination of King Shah Qasim. However, the film turns out to be a failure, as the king manages to save them from execution. Munir does have his moments when he displays his intense anger and hatred towards his enemies, but these are few and far between. Overall, the character remains as a non-flawless character.

Badar Munir’s other films that have made him famous include Jodor Winniehn’s The Dogs and The Secret Life of Shopah. He also appeared in the Hindi movie Aehara Jullar. Overall, it can be said that all his films have been classy and have won him many accolades, most notably the Best Actor award at the 2000 Academy Awards. As a result, Munir has established himself as one of the best actors of this century. He is probably best known for his brilliant performance as Ajay in Aehara Jullar.

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