Babar Ali

Babar Ali

Babar Ali is a Pakistani film and television actor. He comes from the sindh province in Pakistan, more precisely the city of Karachi.


For some strange reason, Babar Ali seemed to hesitate to call me to his residence for an interview when we met for the first time in the studios Evernew. AAP Yahan Pyar Kar lein hello, and his response was. Knowing very well how producers moodiness when you meet with members of the cast on the sets, and I refused. He suggested that the alternative date for the complex cultural, where he was shooting at the ungodly hour from 1:30 am I agree to some extent. There was, however, no sign of Ali Babar, when I arrived, we all could see was Khushboo and Rob, in the clothing and sleazy, and resorting to cheap gestures in front of the camera. Where is Babar Ali? No one knows.

Babar Ali Thank you for photographers Athar Shahzad, we were able to catch him at his residence in the next time, but only for the injured was not shooting. So in the end we’re going there in the chill. After a few a few questions, and I had nothing more than asking him just because he was not ready to take the interview seriously. He told me that the interview seriously, and peace, or I go home and write exactly what I thought of him: so I literally forced him to come to the best responses. After Babar Ali decided to cooperate.

Next to films after a stint on the small screen with serials like Babar and Zaheeruddin Nangey Paon behind him, Babar Ali has always aimed to be a great star of the screen. This is exactly what it is now. Geva of the huge hit it has to Jigar Lakhte current, Babar Ali so far, and was nearly nine hits in a row, it is felt the world record. While Mr. Nour, who gave him, Shamim Ara make it what it is today. And leave the rest up to Rima.

First film: Jeeva (Urdu/Punjabi – 1995)

Babar Ali became an overnight heart throb after the stupendous success of Jeeva. He later starred pairing opposite Reema and gave a line of blockbusters including “Munda Bigra jaye”, “Jo darr gaya wo marr gaya”, “Nakhra Gori Da”, “Miss Istanbul” and “Deewarain” etc. However the viewers soon got fed up with their successive repetition. Reema broke off with Babar Ali and in order to re-establish himself, Babar played a negative role in Shehzad Gul’s “Ghar Kub Aao Gay”. His acting was widely appreciated and he appeared in Syed Noor’s “Mehndi Waleay Hath” in yet another negative role. He signed Javed Sheikh’s “Ye Dill Aap Ka Hua”, again in a negative role. Looks like he is concentrating more on performance oriented characters now. His best films to date include “Mendi walay Hath”, “Ghar kab aao gy”, “Deewarain2, “Ehsas” and “Yeh Dil aapka hua”.

Although he was worked with all the top directors and producers of Pakistani film world, he does not seen too keen to work with any of Lollywood’s aspiring starlets-apart, of course, from our dancing sensation, Reema. Poor Resham is just a below average colleague to him, while he takes Neeli as a sister. So where does that leave our long-haired hero?

In this exclusive interview with Babar Ali talks openly about his professional life, his likes and dislikes, the fabricated Scandals about him and, of course, Reema.

Read and find out whether he is a better actor on screen or in real life.

So you think you are the top actor in the country?
Naheen Ji meine yeh kabhi nahin samjha ke main number one hoon. I am at the learning stage, right now.

Why do today’s new comers not have the staying power of their seniors?
When someone starts thinking too much of himself, he is bound to slide downhill. That is what happened to a number of newcomers. I haven’t developed those starry traits and I never will. I am known in the film industry for being very courteous. I have decided to maintain a down to-earth demeanour through out my professional life. If you live according to what Allah has decreed, then you are bound to remain on the right track and succeed in the long run.

But don’t you think it has now been done to death?
Not so soon. We are still very popular, the most revered couple we will work together as long as people want us to. Reema is number one, that’s producers prefer her.

Why have you stopped working with Syed Noor?
I have not. I have almost in Syed Noor films, such as Karam, Uqabon ka Nasheman, Rang, Muqabla Pyar ka and others in the pipelines.

Shamim Ara’s films made you what you are today. Why then was there a fight between the two of you?
There was no fight. A misunderstanding had been created. I had some date problems and I couldn’t give time to her films. So people just concocted stories about our clash. She has always been like a mother to me, how can I a fight with her?

Directors are known to favour artistes of their choice. You have also been favourite of two directors. Is this how you managed to bag the cream of the crop?
I am not into this lobby business, if I work with a director, I don’t sign all his films. I prefer working with different directors and I want other new comersto bag good roles too. I want healthy competition Akela Babar Ali to nahin, aur bhi hain.

Do you think you would have been where you are today had Shaan maintained his top position?
Why not? If God had written it in my fate, I would have made it even if there were it even if there were ten successful heroes around Shaan is still a force to reckon with. I don’t know why people think he is a spent force. He is working on a few good assignments, which is encouraging. I have my own style .We are all working in our own respective ways.

You and Reema are known to be madly in love with each other?
I don’t believe in affairs. We have been made the target of scandal mongers for no reasons these are just fabricated stories inspire by our opponents. I am the only actor in Pakistan who has never given statements against any one in my interviews or otherwise. As far as Reema is concerned, we are very good colleagues.

But is there something special between the two of you?
Let me tell you that I personally like her very much, but as far as marriage is Concerned, I can’t say any thing about it. I can’t make tall claims.

But can you marry her?
Why not? You never know what future has in store for us.

Reema and Resham even fought over you once. What happened?
I can’t say much about Resham, but as far as Reema is concerned, she never initiates flights. I think its al baseless scandal. Reema is not the sort of person who would go to producers to shop them from signing me and Resham.

Why do you deliberately overlook Resham with whom you where good friends initially? You have now even stopped signing films with her?
That’s because we were never offered any film together. I was never friendly with her I worked very professionally with her and I am very open about it. Why should I hide anything?

You have also vowed not to work with other leading heroines like Neeli, Meera, Sahiba and Saima, Why?
It is the producer’s headache to decide a cast. If I agree to do a good role and the producers decide to cast me opposite Reema, has never topped me from working with other heroines. Neither does she impose her liking on producers. It’s purely a producer’s decision. I have projects like Chand Girhan, Ashiq Awara and mehboob ki mehndi in hand where I am working with different heroine’s shahtaj Meera and Nargis.

It is said that you were very upset when Syed Noor cast Saud opposite Reema in Hawaein?
I was the first to get the offer of the film but I decided not Ito do it of my own free will.

You are not supposed to be too friendly with male colleagues?
Who says? I am friendly with everyone. It is because of their help and support that I am here today. We have succeeded as a team; otherwise I am nothing on my own. Actors like Jan Rambo, Faisal Qureshi and Saud are good friends.

You are the bad dancer and you can never synchronies with Reema during dances the way Shaan did, do you agree?
I agree that I am not a very good dancer, but I do synchronies with Reema. People love our dances. I have received a number of letters from people appreciating my dances with Reema, and according to Reema, I manage very well with her. Even dance directors say I look good while dancing.

You are known to throw tantrums quite frequently?
I have no nakhras. I am just more reserved. People call me a buddhi rooh (old spirit) because of my reticence. I deliberately avoid being talkative as I might utter something wrong plus, I don’t move around a lot. I have mixing too much. I just have a few select friends whom I meet. If that’s what makes me a nakhrey wala then what can I say?

Have you continued to be friends with your schoolmates?
I miss Karachi a lot and wherever I go there , I throw a party where I invite all my friends and their families and we have a good time togethers, all my old friends are now in good posts.

Pakistani film heroes today do not enjoy the die hard female following they used to. Why?
None of my fans have died for me but I do have a number of loyal fans. My phone keeps buzzing all day. All times girls take my father to be Babar Ali and start talking to him as our voices are amazingly similar.

You started your career from the mini screen. Would you ever work for TV again?
I would love to do a long play on TV if not a serial. I had offers from Lahore and Peshawar centers when I was working for T.V. but some how I couldn’t manage to take up the offers.

Talking of Peshawar, have you beeen offered a pustho film yet?
[Laughing] Allah Na kary. I think my role of a Pathan in jeeva was enough. I can’t speak pushto but you know I have a large number of pathan fans. I was in Peshawar for the premiere of Maamla Garber Hai. And the way they welcomed me, I felt so honoured. My posters were all over the city and crowds had gathered to welcome me all the way from the airport to the cinema. I think it is a big achievement for me at such a young age.

How young are you?
I don’t give away my age to anybody.

Will you tell us something about your personality?
I am basically a reserved person and I like reserved company. I hate endless chattering, but I am not a lonely person. I like to be alone at times but not always. I hate bad language and impudence. I am not short-tempered but there are times when anger becomes inevitable. I am always express my temper openly, but I don’t indulge in fights and abusing.

Actors usually like to be praised incessantly. What about you?
Too much admiration makes me suspicious and I don’t like it. I like criticism because I learn from it.

What else do you like?

I like playing snooker; love wearing shalwar kameez, my favorite perfume is Aramis, favourite singers include reshma and nayyara noor. Reshamaji came to see me in hospital, I am very grateful to her. I like girls whom I like; I love red roses and aanmaan ki meeli rangat.

If you like neeli rangat how come you prefer reema to Neeli?
[Laughing] Neeli ko to mein Behan kehta hoon. But if I am offered a film with her I will do it.

What about the new wave of sex and obscenity on the screen. Do you like that too?
I strongly oppose vulgarity. I would never do a sexy scene, I just refuse I ask the director to change the scene. It is in my agreement that I will not pose for a vulgar short.

You raised your dhoti up to your hips in hum to chalay susral isn’t that vulgar?
That was just a portrayal of simple villager who had no inhibitions. It wasn’t done vulgarly and just did what the requirements of character demanded.


* Abhi Abhi To Aye Ho
* Shararat
* Larki Punjaban
* Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa
* Khoey Ho Tum Kahan
* Aqabon Ka Nashiman
* Chor Machay Shor
* Hum To Chalay Susral
* Mamla Garbar Hai
* Miss Istanbul
* Jeeva
* Jo Darr Gaya Woh Marr Gaya
* Munda Bigra Jaye

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