Ayesha Umar

Ayesha Umar Pakistani Actress and Model

Ayesha Umar

Born on October 12, 1981, Ayesha graduated from the prestigious National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan, where she mastered the art of painting fine art. She acquired fame with two of her hit singles, Aao and Koi To Ho.

Early Life
Since her early days at school, Ayesha had been keen in theater and charity work. She was a president at her arts school and managed theater productions along with doing costumes and conceptual creative work.Her favorite coloris orange and she has a keen fondness for remarkably mediocre episodes of “College Jeans”, a lacklustre sitcom that failed to ignite any spark amongst bovine obsessed masses of Sargodha. She would dedicate her summers at the Rising Sun School for special children. At the sweet, tender age of eight, she started hosting a show with Muneeza Hashmi called Meray Bachpan Kay Din in which she would interview celebrities about their early days.

However, it was a break in the light of her jeans in the teen comedy College, which pushed her career in television. Has been directed by the show last Jawad Bashir NCA graduate and cast her along with Zafar Ali and other prominent personalities on television. Shortly after I was invited to host the exhibition and the prime minister called the rhythm of the TV where she met musicians from all over Pakistan, including veterans such as Arif Lohar and Shadia Mansour.
She works even with Nautanki, the National Alliance group in the drama, and even before he joined the faculty in that it combines the need for formal training. Provided the National College of Art (National Alliance) have all the other reasons to indulge in any possibility of performing arts. During her tenure in the organization is also similar to the 18 fashion shows were held, as well as performance in seven plays with groups in Lahore, theater amateurs.
Self-portraits Controversy

In 2003, a set of paintings that Ayesha created for her final NCA thesis generated excitement and controversy when exhibited. The controversy surrounded her submission of two semi-nude self portraits, also a part of the exhibition. Asked, Ayesha would say that the Pakistani society has forgotten the integral preciousness of life and quoted that “the human body is the purest of all natural forms, it’s chaste, it’s innocent, but you have to see beyond the apparent to perceive the metaphysical.


Ayesha OmarAyesha have been with MTV Pakistan since its inception about a year n a half ago. Before that she was vj on Indus Music for 2 yrs. Basically Ayesha is a painter by profession n ideally she want to singing and painting in the future..lets hope that happens.

If you were not a vj,what job would you be doing?
Id be painting or singing…
If you could be an animal for a day,what would you be?
Umm…an eagle or a dolphin…
What is your favorite line from a movie?
Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn…. from gone with the wind…

Pizza or Nihaari?
Nihari anyday

What do you have for breakfast?
Scrambled egg with sausages and toast or kellogs honey loops or omlette and paratha u can see how much I love food…

Things you cant live without would be
My cell phone, music and water.

Life is.
Short. So enjoy it while u can…

Ayesha OmarWhat is your favorite bedroom line?
Sleep tight..!!

Elvis or Nusrat Fateh Ali khan?
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Really cant say. Maybe married with kids or touring the world with my music inshallah.

Things that turn you off would be……
Body odour, bad breath, fake accents, showing off money, hypocrisy and double standards and disrespect of ure parents…

Things that turn you on would be……
Good food, great smells, a good sense of humour and humbleness and good manners

If you had access to a time machine which era would you revisit?
The renaissance..or the moghul era..

Whats the best thing about being an MTV host?
The people and the friends ive made here.

What would you spend your first million on?
An expensive vacation alone or maybe shopping.

Which part of body/face would you change, if you could?
My height…

Coffee shops or Dhabaas?
Coffee Shops

What do you think on the latest development of cell phones on airplanes.
Its awful no escape from the world…


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