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 Adnan Jilani

Adnan Jilani is a well-known Pakistani TV actor. He is the son of late Qurban Jilani, another well-known Pakistani media celebrity in his time. Adnan has acted in different Pakistani dramas, and his performance in drama serial Riyasat was admired by many. He is the elder brother of talented actor & model Kamran Jilani. Adnan has worked with all of the heavyweights of the Pakistani media, and has performed alongside actors like Shabbir Jaan and others in drama serials such as Zever and Dohre. He has also worked in drama serials Chubhan and Anhoni which were very popular at that time. He was married to famous actress Sadia Jilani, but the couple took divorce due to some reason. He has never acted in Lollywood Pakistan Film Industry, and he always says that he doesn’t plan to either. For more than 16 years, Adnan has been acting on stage and TV dramas, and he still has a number of ongoing projects with private channels.

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