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Naheed Shabbir was born on January 6, 1984 at Karachi, Pakistan. She is a young female Pakistani TV actresses and model. Naheed began her career initially from fashion modeling in Pakistan. Then she started acting in television programs and TV serials. At the moment she is an admired actress of Pakistan television drama serials. Naheed Shabbir is one the most talented actresses we have in Pakistan showbiz. She acted in a lot of PTV television dramas, Geo TV dramas and Hum TV dramas. Her prominent drama serials include: Bichrein Ge ab kaisay, Yadain and Khawab toot jaty hain. Faheem Burney introduced to her Pakistan showbiz. Naheed has done much work, but nowadays she is very choosy and only can be seen in few dramas yearly. She has worked with almost every leading and famous director and starred opposite most of the actors in drama serials.

Naheed Shabbir, for the past nine years, has been ruling the small screen with her outstanding performances in TV serials. She was discovered by veteran producer/director Fahim Burney while giving home tuitions to his nephew. Although her first serial didn’t go on-air for reasons unknown, the industry had discovered a new artiste. The dynamic actress was introduced on small screen by the experienced duo of writer and director Hassina Moin and Mohsin Ali, in “Ek Naye Moor Per”. The serial was a superhit and it opened the doors to success for her. Today she is an actress every newcomer aspires to be. Her serials are the highlights of all the leading channels and her popularity has no bounds when it comes to desi audience. She gives credit for her success to her family, “Whatever I have achieved today – the popularity and fame, is all due to my family. They have always had confidence in me when I needed it the most.”
Naheed is one of those lucky artistes who at the onset of their careers were privileged to work with industry big wigs like Javed Fazil, Haider Imam Rizvi, Pervaiz Malik, Kazim Pasha, Mohsin Ali and Ayub Khawar. She says that working with veteran artistes has always been a wonderful experience. “Their guidance has further groomed my talents. They are like an institution to me, I have not only learned acting from them but also whatever technical knowledge I have of this field,” she says.
She says that she is a superstar today because her seniors have always given her good opportunities. “Our seniors make us superstars, now it is our responsibility to bring in new faces and groom them in this field.” According to her the industry has three categories of artistes. The A-category comprises of the most popular ones, most of them are associated with big banners and always have a long list of serials waiting at their doorsteps. The B-category comprises of artistes who have a few good projects in hand while those in category-C have talent but haven’t received the right offer yet. Talking about politics in the industry, she says, “Strong politics and grouping in the industry have made the survival of struggling artistes even more difficult.”
In Naheed’s opinion with the arrival of new channels the quality of the work has suffered, “Everyone is in a hurry these days – whether it is the producer, director or actor. Sometimes artistes are not satisfied with their performances and want to reattempt the scenes, but directors hardly have time for it. Similarly if a director asks an actor for rehearsals, the latter has to go for the next shooting. What suffers here is the quality of work.” Naheed thinks this is one of the main reasons why Pakistani dramas have lost their charm. She believes Indian culture is influencing our television industry, which is why our dramas are no longer of the quality they were ones. Despite all this, she admires the fact that in this hustle bustle, a few good directors and producers have also emerged, the likes of Ahmed Kamran, Syed Nabeel and Sarmad Khoosat. “Their serials are innovative, but their constraint is the budget,” she says.
Naheed has also ventured into production and owns a production house. When I asked why most senior artistes turned towards production and direction, she says, “It is just like medicine where a medical student, after completing his education and practice goes for specialisation. Similarly actors, after spending years in the industry, get an insight into the field. They understand the workings and problems of the industry. So they opt for production or direction to create a favourable environment for others.” She believes that it’s just another way to show creativity.

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