Sumbul Iqbal

Sumbul Iqbal Pakistani Actress

Sumbul Iqbal

Sumbul Iqbal is a young actress with incredible talent.  With just three years in the showbiz industry she has made a name for herself.  Without any family history in showbiz, just pure talent, hard work, and determination has made her a bright star today. Sumbul is a very versatile actress, always taking up challenges and playing different roles for each of her dramas.  She proved her acting skills in dramas such as Mere Khuwab Reza Reza and Roag.  Sumbul gave a brilliant performance in Roag and has been getting rave reviews for her role.  Sumbul Iqbal truly has everything from talent to looks to make her the next top actress.

How did you start your career?  I never planned to be an actress it was just a coincidence. I started my career, when I was 19 years old. I thought I would take a break after my debut for my studies, but It has been three years ,now  and I have been working back to back.

If you were not in Showbiz, What would you be? Banker
Current Projects: Working on different roles and characters from before. Tahzeeb,  Beimaan , Kuch khwab han mere ,Kuch Kammi Se Ha and some other.
Message to Fans:  I think in order to achieve anything in life or to be successful one has to work hard. If we work hard, we can   achieve anything. Please respect everyone and try to keep everyone happy. Remember me in your prayers, and I promise you in the  future you will see me in different roles.

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Sumbal Iqbal
Sumbal Iqbal …
Sumbul Iqbal - Pakistani Actress
Sumbul Iqbal – Pakista …
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