Rasool Bakhsh Palejo

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Rasool Bakhsh Palejo

Rasool Bakhsh Palejo is a famous politician from Sindth (Pakistan). He was born September 21, 1930 (Age 72 Years). He is chairman and founder of Awami Tehrik.  Rasool Baksh Palejo is also a writer and supreme court lawyer, he as written many books and his books are amongst top Sindhi books. Some of his books include:

  • Awhan Jey Pujaran(your worshiper)- Rasool Bux Palijo
  • Kot Lakhpat Jo Qaidi(Prisnor of Kot Lakhpat)- Rasool Bux Palijo
  • Andha Oondha Wej- Rasool Bux Palijo
  • Jin Jhoona Garah Jalayo- Rasool Bux Palijo
  • Sandi Zat Hanjan- Rasool Bux Palijo
  • Pase garhagul (stories) -Rasool Bux Palijo
  • Maositong -Rasool Bux Palijo
  • siyasi Adab vol:01 -Rasool Bux Palijo
  • siyasi Adab vol:02 -Rasool Bux Palijo
  • siyasi Adab vol:03 -Rasool Bux Palijo
  • sindh Panjab water dispute -Rasool Bux Palijo

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