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Muhammad Shahid Nazir born to muslim family in Pattoki a small town near Lahorein Pakistan.  He grew up listening to Indian and punjabi music, and would sing naats during assembly at school. Prior to emigrating to the UK  for a better life, Nazir worked for the family-owned transport company. His mother name is  Kalsoom and married to Kashifa. Nazir has  four children. His mother, wife and children are still living in pattoki.

“One Pound fish” history:

Nazir used to work as a fish trader in UK . He adopted a unique way to attract people for his business, He composed a song which is narrated as;


Come on ladies, come on ladies
One pound fish
Have-a, have-a look
One pound fish
Very, very good, very, very cheap
One pound fish
Six for five pound one pound each

An annonymous person made his movie through mobile camera  while he was selling fish by singing song . The movie released on internet and its fame spread all over the world like a virus.

Return to Pakistan:

Nazir was warmly wellcomed  by pakistani nation.Nazir arrived in the United Kingdom on a student visa, but soon left his studies to work as a fishmonger . In December 2012, it was revealed that he had been ordered by the Home office to leave the country as his visa had expired.However his management said he would return to the UK to promote his musical career with a new entry visa. It added that his departure to Pakistan was in part to appear on Pakistani national television as he had gained huge popularity in his own country after the song and that he would be able to see his family before returning to the United Kingdom. His agent, Samir Ahmed, said: “He will be returning to Pakistan and will be celebrating New Year with his family. His return to the UK is pending approval of a working visa. We fully expect him to return in the coming weeks”


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