Muzaffar Adeeb

Muzaffar Adeeb was a Pakistani actor who became famous in Hollywood after appearing in at least six Hindi films. He later became an actor on television in Britain and England, and in Morocco and France. Eventually, he moved to Hollywood and appeared in some films directed by Johnniecomeback.

Muzaffar Adeeb was born in Pakistan, the name is probably his given name in Urdu. He was a student of medicine and worked briefly in a hospital. Later on, he joined the Army and served for two years in the Indian army. It was there, according to some sources, that he decided to pursue acting, and so began his long and distinguished career in Hollywood. He became known to Americans through his appearance on screen, and his first major role came in a Hindi film called Mushtap.

He later appeared in dozens of films, including Codeine, which was one of the biggest hits in UK in the 1960s. After that, he appeared in a number of films directed by Richard Burton and others. Some of his other notable films include Bandh Bhab Se Ce Masti (aka Bombay), Ashok Kite, Kismet Konnection (aka Bombay), Satya Picholi (aka Bombay) and Tamboli Jaan (aka East Wind). All these films helped him achieve success in his home country of Pakistan and also helped him land himself roles in Hollywood. Most of his films after that were either successful or popular in their respective countries.

The late Muhammad Rashed Taj took interest in Muzaffar Adeeb after watching his films. He decided to form a company with him, and named it after him. The company later became Zana. Taj died in 1997 and was succeeded by his son.

A Brief History of Pakistani Actors

A Pakistani actor of note who has gone on to become popular in the west is Maqbool Fida Husain. His first two movies – Boomla and Welcome were well received in India and UK. Then his last movie, Om Shanti Om was well received in India and did quite well at the box office. Other than that, he has gone onto act in movies like Invictus, Mumbai, and the remake of King George Jones and has even appeared in some TV shows, such as Doctor Who.

Other than those mentioned here, there are a number of actors from Pakistan who are making waves in Hollywood, although their career spanned only a short period. They include Irfan Khan, Sharukh Khan, Mika Mehendi, Javed Asghari, Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar. They have all been nominated for an Oscar, and have also won a number of Film Farewell Awards.

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