Meera Ansari


Meera Ansari


Meera Ansari born to Bushra and Iqbal Ansari in Karachi and has a sister Nariman Ansari. She got her early educatio from Karachi and did further studies in arts and became a painter. Her sister Nariman is also an artist ,painter and photographer; but Meera decided to get step in showbiz and started her career as a model.


Meera made her debut in showbiz some two years back and is even today as choosy as she was at that stage. Going for all that comes her way is not her style. At the time of her stepping into modeling, she was still a student of ‘A level’s’.   she acted with her mother in two or three plays when she was of 9 or 10 years.

At present, she is content studying at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, where she plans to her majors in painting. Modeling did not happen overnight for this petite girl.

For a long time, people had been telling her to get into it due to her thin frame, which is not because of any strict diet regime that she follows. She loves to tell that she is constitutionally like this. Finally, when she’d had a bit too much she simply decided to go for it.

Getting permission from her parents had never been a problem for the fortunate lass as she has been lucky enough to garner the support of her parents in whatever she has ever planned in life. The same holds true for her elder sister, who recently tied the knot.

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