Madiha Shah

Film and Tv and Stage Actress
Madiha Shah

Madiha Shah is a Film and Tv  and Stage Actress. She became top heroine in the first half of the 90s. She is very popular because of her super hit dance and very good acting. She acted in a few  stage plays. She is very good actress and dancer. People likes her dances very much and come to see her dance in stage dramas. She performed in Punjabi theater in Lahore. She is very good actress and dancer. She is  beautiful with very sexy figure.
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Before few months, the senior and ravishing Pakistani film and stage actress Madiha Shah re-entered in the showbiz industry but didn’t get any quality work. Madiha Shah said it is very depressing and disappointed that the industry ignores the senior ones and give preference to new emerging artists.
Madiha Shah also tried in Television but same response, no lift. Finally she decided to leave showbiz permanently. So, sad Madiha Shah, it seems that your time is over now. But why not choose to participate in TV shows as a guest? It’s in fact became a popular trend and lofty business among actors and actresses now days. Anyhow, don’t be disappoint, hit the doors may be you will get any right chance.

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Aysha sana with her son and madiha shah
Aysha sana with her so …

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