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Hameed Sheikh

Hameed Sheikh Actor,and producer Hameed Sheikh is one of Pakistan’s best known television stars. Born in Quetta, Balochistan in 1969, Sheikh began his career in local theatre and school productions, before moving into drama with PTV (Pakistan Television). In 1984 he appeared in the award winning drama “Naqab Sang”, but then returned to the theatre before playing the lead role in TV film “Pezwan” Sheikh became well known for his roles in the PTV series “Zangeer” and “Wapasi”, and in 1995 he both starred in and produced the acclaimed PTV drama “Kal” with Jamal Shah. Many leading roles followed and Sheikh became a recognisable figure in Pakistan, but his love for producing also led him into new directions. In 2001 he worked for CNN as a free lane producer, Cameraman & Translator alongside veteran reporter Nic Robertson, and he was the line producer for a Malaysian film, “Qasi and Leila”. He also began making his own films, including “Holy Sinner”, a short film about The Taliban. But Film roles still provided inspiration,and he continued to work alongside Pakistan’s best TV & Film directors on various drama serials including & upcoming Films. “Wapsi kay baad”, “Ishq ” and “Matti”. In 2006, Sheikh featured in Pakistan’s largest ever movie “In the Name of God”,alongside legendary actor Naseeruddin Shah, before travelling to Malaysia for the TV series “Mahman”. In 2009 he starred in the award winning British film Kandahar Break alongside legendary actor Shaun dooley, and also served as the films producer. in 2011, Hameed Sheikh is working on another film with a US film company.

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