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Pakistani Film Actor Ghulam Mohiuddin

Ghulam Mohiuddin

Ghulam Mohiuddin is a Pakistani actor of Urdu and Punjabi films. His first film Mera naam hai mohabbat released in 1975, was a blockbuster in Pakistan and China. The film was inspired by a Chinese folk story. The opposite actress was Babra Sharif, whose this movie was the first as heroine. Since then he has been awarded several times with Nigar Awards, National Awards and Lux Style Awards. Ghulam Mohiuddin popularly known as Bhai Gullo film fraternity in Pakistan has played a starring role in more than 400 films, and is currently involved in various television production.

* Karaz (1997) The Debt
* Jeeva (1995) Lifesaver
* Madame Rani (1995)
* Mushkil (1995) Hardship
* But Shikan (1994) Idol Breaker
* International Luterey Gangsters
* Khandan (1994) Family
* Hasinon Ki Barat (1992) Beauty Parade
* Majhoo (1992) Outlaw
* Aalmi Jasoos (1991) International
* Kaalay Chor (1991) Culprits
* Sar Kata Insan (1991) Beheaded Man
* Zid (1991) Obstinate
* International Gorillay (1990) International Guerillas
* Miss Cleopatra (1990)
* Sholay-E-Sholay (1990)
* Shaani (1989)
* Maula Sain (1989) Saint
* Taqat Ka Toofan (1989) Force
* Haseena 420 (1988) Beauty 420
* Aag Hi Aag (1988) Fire
* Maula Baksh (1988) The Rod
* Aag Aur Sholay (1980)
* Ishq Ishq (1977)


Ghulam Mohiuddin is among the top most Senior actors. He is a self made and hard earned man. he proved that if a man working with diligence and will can earn repute that he dreams of. he is well built, Broad, Tough, Sharp eyed, Eastern complexion, Well mannered, and a real he man. let’s see how Ghulam Mmohiuddin replies to our queries.

What irritates you the most while you are at work?
Most of the time, I am highly occupied. I have a lot of appointments and shooting schedule. It is also happened with me that I finished my one shooting and at the same time another one is to go. Just during this time, it somebody tries to be in my schedule then that really creates a bad nose for me. Through I am conscious enough to avoid the situation, but being a human being, I am caught sometimes. You can’t call me a brown man. All I could say about me is that I like discipline.

If you don’t like any scene or sequence of your film. What do you do to change it?
Aahaa! Whenever it happens I feel free to talk to producer or director concerned. Tell you the fact that they welcome my suggestion and mostly agree to what I say. We don’t have any major differences of opinion regarding sequences, because we sort out matter through discussion. Our table talks are just not arguments, but our talks really serve the best interest.

You said in detail about sequences, how about dialogues, do you change the dialogue of your script if you find not suitable for your character / role?
Well! Senior writers do not usually commit this mistake; meaning their scripts are very strong. But, yes I must say, our junior writers mostly commit this mistake. They ignore to balance dialogues with the character. That in fact dispels the impression, in the sense that the writer is trying to convey a message to cine-goers, but that becomes vague due to inconsistency in language.

I personally believe that the message should be straight enough so that every body could understand it with out taking aspirin. It’s a fact that majority of the population of our country is illiterates. So why to be difficult in connotation. Thus, I am in favor of changing dialogue, if not up to the mark, to make it more comprehensive and easy to understand.

Do you compromise with the directors?
Nopp! I don’t. As I always look forward for quality and reality. But the way, your question also giving a sense as if I am an aggressive actor. My dear, don’t go by my voice. It’s just hard otherwise, I am quite soft.

Have you ever given an idea of film to my director or writer?
Certainly I have. If you remember Aandhi Aur Toofan:, it was my idea. The film was a mega-box office hit, so, you can understand what kind if idea I have. You will watch some more gigantic creations in future and I am sure that you are going to like them.

Could you eulogies the important aspects of the film making?
All the aspects are important in film making. You just can’t leave one and go for next. It needs a number of technical things and each one is extremely important. I will try to plead you like this in a simple manner that the director of that proposed film should be highly skilled, up-dated and brilliant. As he play the key role in success of a movie. Subsequently, selection of artists should be particular enough. Casting should not, in any way, reveal as if nepotism has been done. It as the matter of fact mars the image. Besides, story, music, location, editing are also equally integral. If a director keeps eyes on all aspects and takes care of every thing then no point remains off the shore that his rays on silver screen would not receive a mega hit.

Is there anything you would like to change about yourself, if so what would it be?
Newcomers coming in the film industry usually think of me eccentric man ill mood. Those who work with me that there are those who see beyond that to talk about others. So, since you’ve asked this question, I would like to dispel this impression through your esteemed publication, I’m not. But at the same time I do not have a reservation that I just do not get the mix between those who deal with them and I’m not friendly. This does not mean that I have got some great feelings, but I simply reserve. Contrary to this, if I’m a friend of some one, and I’m all for it.

With this temperament, if anybody approaches me, talks to me, I meet him and I talk to him. I don’t frown while talking with my fans or strangers. I guess the readers of this interview would have convinced that I am not a hyper?
One more thing I would like to add here though it is not included in your question that is sometimes a fan acts in such nuisance way hat it becomes intoleratable. Suggest me what should an actor do when his fan wakes him up at 0300 hours and insists him to talk? Do you think that it is possible at all that the artist has remained all the day long busy in shooting at hilly areas and again next morning he has to move for dessert, so he has just a few hours to rest and in the mean while, his fan phones and expects him to talk for hours and hours. Though we

don’t shout at him but try to make him understand that he should call later. Do you think it is illogical?
We agree with you Gullo Bhai, fans should always realize about it and they must not bug the one whom they like. Now switching on to his next question, how is our film industry for female artists?
To the best of my idea our film industry always respects and welcomes female artists. The industry provides shelter and protection to them. All the female artists working either within or outside the studios are very much taken care of.

What do you think; our film industry will improve or collapse?
Well I don’t see any bleak future for the industry. We are on rise. I will quote that seeing the big turn out in cinema houses. A couple of new film including Jeeva, Munda Bigrey Jai, and Jo Dar Gaya WO Mar Gaya are box-office hit movies, you could feel it why? It is only because the trend has been changed. Modern technology and techniques have been applied in order to produce a movie.

Masses are now going out to cinema houses which directly mean that the standard has been enhanced. I foresee that the time is not far of when we could complete our movies in international market.

What important aspects should be taken care of while producing a film?
The foremost important factor is script, it should be extremely strong. Besides, there should not be unanimity in film like a viewer should not feel hat the story of this film is an extraction of so and so film. Casting should be according to the needs and demands and etc.

It has been observed that writer watches a couple of English or Indian movies and prepares a charba story, how do you comment on it?
As a matter of fact, we must not blame the writer just as he does what he wants product. The filmmaker believes in funding for the first time and for this very purpose, and said he looked forward to the market and follows the same direction you are pointing at the same time. But usually does not happen. Capital safe rule is all the first working so why it hurts when it comes to making movies. Let’s take it to work wel

Regarding workings with the female artists, have you ever get yourself involved in or, have managed to make a good escape?
I did not get involve with any star. It is not in my nature at all. But to achieve a considerable success, I am of the view to have understanding with the one against whom I am playing a lead character, here again; it does not mean that I am in love with the one I said.

I would like to mention a new male artist was acting with me in a movie. During the shootings, I felt that he is a little shy and hesitant. At one fine evening, I got him in party and spoke to him in a frank atmosphere.

Believe me that the next day when we were on set, I noted a considerable change, you could call it confidence so you see this is how I involve my self. But things complete change when a female reference comes up. Like being very frank, I say what I feel. For instance, if I find somebody decent, I say it. It doesn’t waste time in giving comments.

Why artists don’t get friendly with each other. Are they jealous or the other way round could you say a few words about it?
Well again you are spreading a wrong concept. It is not so. We meet with each other. We arrange parties, matches and so have said this because front cast of a film does not come together.

So answer to this is every one has his own tough schedule and he has to maneuver in accordance with that.

Do you admire any one of your female colleague?
Not one but many like Babra, Anjuman, Neeli and Reema.


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