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Shazia Manzoor Pakistani Pop Singer
Shazia Manzoor

Shazia Manzoor is undoubtedly one of Pakistan’s most versatile singers.Shazia Manzoor is a singing sensation who captured the hearts and minds of the whole nation with her voice rich and vibrant. The entry Shadia and music into the limelight only six yars ago. Claimed the first of the limelight with ‘Makhna Chan just’ and the success it has seen Sahzia delicious and soothing voice mesmerized our lives with a warm glow. Her Punjabi songs which are very popular in Punjabi cinema.

Originally from Rawalpindi, the gifted artist now lives in Lahore, Punjab. Shazia has sung widely acclaimed Punjabi folk and Sufi poetry, prompting many critics to compare her to all time great singers of the genre.She captured popular imagination with her splendid rendition of numerous songs, especially O Chann mere Makhna written by Hazin Qadriin. Shazia has belted out super-hits like Aaja Soniya, Mahi Aavega, Maye Ni Kinnu Akhan, Chann Mere Makkhna and Dhol Mahia to name a few.

The melody princess is equally at ease with Urdu, having recorded many Urdu songs. Over the years the songster has enthralled millions in the subcontinent and across the world with her mellifluousness.

Newzglobe caught up with the amazingly grounded Shazia Manzoor at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre fundraiser in Dubai.
Shazia Manzoor applies her talents to charity

The idea of this song was to give people hope to live and live with dignity through all hardships. She began her performance with this song and moved the audience to tears. During her performance, she also paid tribute to Madam Noor Jehan and the ailing Reshma. She requested the audience to pray for the latter’s early recovery. She then sang Chandni Ratain followed by Chori Chori.

The mood of the evening suddenly picked up as she switched over to her Panjabi hits like Chan Mere Makhna, Dhol Mahiya and Mahi Avega. Her songs were equally reciprocated by the audience’s applauses.

Some of them got so mesmerised that they came to the stage and started dancing to her tunes.

Shazia’s musicians gave the dancers ample room to dance their hearts out and encouraged them with beats of varying speed and rythm.

Shazia Manzoor is due to perform in Lahore and Karach as well. She said she would use all her abilities for the betterment of her brothers and sisters who lost their homes and shelter.

Manzoor took her music lessons from the Late Ustad Feroz of Gowalioar Gharana. Ustad Feroz, after listening to her, predicted that one day she would be the voice of Pakistan, which she proved in a very short span of time. He taught her all the delicacies, trills and skills that are required for playback singing.

She believes in purity and not in compromise and that is why practices regularly.

She said, “I would never take the aid of computers, which has become very common. I believe in singing live, it is the true form of the art.”

Shazia respects all the vocalists of the past, but has special regard for Mohammad Rafi. She said, “If someone wants to learn the art of playback singing, Mohammad Rafi is the man to listen to.”


Q: How was the support of your family when you started singing?
A: There was little or no support from family. Pakistan is a different society. Often the girl child is expected to do what parents think best for her. Since I was interested in music, people naturally were not too supportive but I persevered and saw through it that I became what I wanted to.

Q: What is your latest album going to be? Could you share with our readers?
A: My latest album is called Bhale-Bhale. It is a very unique project because it has got a dash of everything: culture, richness, trendiness. The album is going to be out soon and it is going to be available overseas also, including Dubai.

Shazia ManzourShazia Manzour

Q: You are known as one of the best singers of Punjabi folk and Sufi poetry. Do you see the popularity of folk and Sufi growing in the days to come?
A: The demand for Sufi and folk music is only going to go up. This genre of singing has the beauty of moonlight and the magic of soul in it. It conveys a message of the Almighty. The devotional nature of such poetry is inspired by the works of Sufi greats like Hafiz, Bulleh Shah and Baba Ghulam Farid.

Q: Since you stopped singing for films a while ago, do you have any plans to sing for films again?
A: Yes I have some plans to sing in movies again. Let us see how it pans out. I am going to playback for Ishq Khuda. Rahat is also singing in the movie which will also see Shazia Rafiq and Wajahat Atre performing.

Q: How does it feel like to be associated with the Shaukat Khanum Foundation?
A: Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre is very close to my hear. You can understand I am performing for the first time ever in Dubai — just for this noble initiative.
Back in the Punjab

Now we hop from stateside to Pindside. First on our list of female talent is Shazia Manzoor, the famous Lahori, Punjabi vocalist was known for driving crowds mad with the all-famous song “Aaja Sohneya” and “Chan Mere Makhna”. She worked with Bally Jagpal and Amar Arshi to create some amazing tracks and reworks of hits such as “Viah Karvake Ve”. Let’s just say Moviebox has a few treats up its sleeve for 2008, she`s going to be back on our iPods before you can say “Aaja Sohneya”.

We move onto the Indian side of the Punjab now as we discuss Sudesh Kumari. This amazing woman has been in so many duets it’s hard to keep up! The ones that stand out are obviously with Amar Arshi who she has worked with numerous times recreating tracks by the likes of the legend Chamkila. She recently had her own track reworked by Aman Hayer, “Rarke” featuring Nirmal Sidhu from the “2 Much Glassy” album. Another duet is on the way for the UK market, with Manak E assigning her to duet duties on his forthcoming album on Serious Records. We can expect to hear more from her, she’s like a never-ending piece of string!

Now we move on to the biggest thing to hit Punjab since Saag! Miss Pooja may well be young in age, high in beauty, but she is already the most popular female Punjabi vocalist. She has been dubbed “The Queen of Duets”, with international success for her catchy lyrics and high pitched voice on tracks such as “Seeti” and “Ek Tere Karke”. There are loads of questions being asked of UK producers as to whether they are going to produce any tracks featuring her; it’s all a matter of time we say!

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