Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

The song “Rahat Fatehn Ali Kar” by Rahat Fatehn Ali is one of his popular compositions. It is one of the most well-known songs of his career. The title of this song is also very important, as this is the title of a play that was written and directed by him.

This is an Urdu musical composition by Pakistani Muslim musicians of the Ghazal genre. It is largely based on traditional melodies and beats, but also includes some modern elements.

The name, ‘Rahat Fatehn Ali’ is also a direct reference to the legendary actor of Pakistan Khan. His grandfather, Nusrat Khan Ali Khan was a famous Pakistani folk singer. He was also a famous actor and played the role of the Shah Nawaz in the movie ‘Chashma Saab’.

His nephew, Khan is another famous actor, who is very much known for his portrayal of leading characters in the popular TV series ‘Dawn’, among others. He has also played several films in Hollywood, which are also very popular in the US. However, he is most famous for his role as the Khan of Pakistan in the hit TV series ‘Haan Saab Zindabad’.

“Rahat Fatehn Ali Kar” is the title of the song, which is sung by the actor of Pakistani origin. The lyrics are mostly composed of praise and praises of Allah, the founder of the universe, and of the various attributes of Allah. They are also very highly appreciative of certain Muslim figures like the Prophet Muhammad, and of the various verses and ayats from the Holy Quran.

The melody and beat of this song are quite simple, and it does not require much skill or talent to sing this song. The lyrics are mostly in a repetitive way, with repeated verses. This is done so as to emphasize on the verses. which have already been sung.

The lyrics are very highly appreciative of his father’s grandfather and uncle, who were both very prominent figures in the history of Pakistan. His father’s grandfather, Nusrat Khan was one of the greatest lyricists and songwriters of Pakistan, and his uncle, Khan was a well-known artist, who was also famous for his ghazal music and song lyrics. This is what gives the song its unique style. The story is also very impressive and touching, as it tells the story of how he was taken to heaven as a baby, and how he was reunited with his mother after his birth.

The album, which this song was recorded on, is called “Chil-Maan Khan”. It is a CD with many tracks, which contains several traditional Pakistani songs, and is also available online. The album is an amazing work of music that is very highly praised in Pakistan.

The CD “Chil-Maan Khan” also includes a number of musical tracks. The track, “Ghar Chahiye”, is a traditional Pakistani dance tune and is performed by the famous Balinese dancer of Lahore, Manus Khan. This track is highly liked by the people of Lahore. The singer is also highly appreciated and respected by many people of Pakistan. It is also highly recommended by many people, because of the fact that it is the only song on the CD that is entirely dedicated to the founder of Pakistan.

The other track on the album, “Kis-Na-Kash”, which is another traditional Pakistani tune, is performed by the famous Pakistani singer, Shah Jahan. The singer also is highly respected and revered. The song is very famous in Pakistan and is played in many social gatherings. The song, “Isti-e-Jahan”, which is the name of the song, is also highly recommended by many people, because of its highly religious nature.

The song “Ghar-Wap ki Rasle Hain” is a very popular Pakistani love song and is one of the tracks on the CD, which was recorded by the famous Lahore singer, Imran Riaz. This song is highly loved by the people of Lahore, and is a favorite in all social gatherings, and gatherings. It is mostly played at weddings and parties, and gatherings, and the singer himself is also a well known singer and a well known artist in the Lahore city. He is known for his beautiful voice, which is very popular amongst the people.

The song “Dai-Zulfar” is also another one of the tracks on the CD, which was also recorded by the famous Lahore singer, Imran Riaz, and is a very popular tune with people of Lahore. The song is also very popular among those people who like to perform the traditional music. It has been recorded in this form, and has been highly appreciated by the people of Lahore, and is a highly praised track among the people of the city.

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