Maria Memon

Newscaster/ Anchor person

Maria Memon

Maria Memon is a newscaster and anchor person in Geo tv. She is talented confident and beautiful girl in media.Maria has been working for geo tv since 2008 and now she is top of the anchors.Maria has high aims and wants to do something for the people through her job.She worked as a field reporter for four years in Geo tv.


Maria Memon born in Karachi Pakistan  to a Memon family.

Education and Career:

Maria is graduated in software engineering  but she wanted to be a doctor. she was inspired through her communication skills professor who encourage her to polish the public speaking skills. After graduation she started to work as an HR consultant and joined Geo tv b as a program coordinator for Geo English but the project she assigned got cancelled. Later the bureau chief of Geo tv sent her to the news room from where she started her journey. Christiane Amanpour (CNN anchorperson) is her favorite anchor person she is someone to whom she look up to. She do follow her work and some day she wish to do glorious job like her. Initially Maria hosted the program  ” Mere Mutabiq” actually that program gave her confidence to prove her skills in media.


Maria Memon Pictures

Maria Memon at geo new …
Maria Memon in Mere Mutabiq
Maria Memon in Mere Mu …
Maria Memon
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Maria Memon
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Maria Memon in blue dress
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