Goher Mumtaz

Guitarist/Singer – JAL

Goher Mumtaz

Goher Mumtaz is the originator and lead guitarist of the famous Pakistani rock band Jal. He certainly lives up to status of a motivated ambitious youth. He represents his creativity as the versatile composer, guitarist, lyricist and singer. As a musician he is influenced by different styles of music; As a lyricist his writing is motivated by both personal and social themes reflective in our daily lives. He is an enthusiastic listener of all types of music from around the globe; a songwriter who goes all-out for a artistic balance between lyrical content, melodic structure, and rhythm. As a young child Goher trained on a small keyboard that he got as a birthday gift. Controlled by his parents, Goher sold his bike to purchase his first guitar at the age of 11. Thus started his go-getting journey to becoming one of the most wanted after musicians of the country. Having obtained no formal training in music, Goher has strived hard through incalculable hours teaching himself not only how to playing the guitar, but to compose, write songs and sing. The defining moment in Goher’s life came with his composition of “Aadat” the single that took the country by tornado. With the creation of his band “Jal” and a 10 track album to his praise Goher Mumtaz’s expedition had just started.

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