Fatima Effendi

Fatima Effendi

Fatima Effendi is an actress and fashion designer. She has been a member of the renowned actress’ magazine, Saamana, and the prestigious fashion magazine, Vogue, India. She has also appeared on the Pakistani TV show, Dussehra, and the Indian TV show, Saamana.

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Fatima Effendi began her career in movies in the 1980s. Her most famous role was as the young wife of a prominent businessman who was played by Ali G. Khan in the movie Man O-Salwa. She then went on to act in several different movies including Meri Zaitou, Shahid’s Raaz and Shaistaariyya.

Another actor who is quite popular with women is Fatima Effendi. She has been married to a famous actor called Syed Qutubuddin for the last twelve years. Syed is one of the biggest movie stars in Pakistan and is also very well known in India. Fatima has two daughters from this marriage and they are named Khushoo Zeena (Cherie) and Chhota Sain Haider (Shaista).

As mentioned before, Fatima has always been close to Syed and has helped him throughout his movie career. They have a son named Bilal and a daughter named Sajida, who are four years old. Their relationship has been something that people have admired since their marriage. The couple is not officially registered as a Muslim marriage in Pakistan.

In fact, Fatima is the first Muslim woman in Hollywood to get married. She married Syed in 1986 and they had three daughters from this marriage. They met when Fatima was working as an actress in India and he was an aspiring actor. The two became good friends and the two have remained so ever since.

One of the reasons that Fatima is such a popular choice with many Hollywood celebrities is her looks. She has a slim and nice body and is always in the public eye. Her looks have helped her get acting roles on many different TV shows and films. She is often seen on television in a variety of different roles as well.

Fatima Effendi also started modeling when she was a teenager and has continued this career throughout her life. She was known in many magazines and was even nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Meri Zaitou. She is also well known as the best female dancer in the Indian film Raaz. In the film, she played the role of the sister of a man who is fighting cancer.

People love Fatima Effendi because of the positive attitude she brings to the table every time she steps on the stage. Her strong character and the stories behind her makes her the perfect candidate for modeling. The good things about Fatima’s work in both movies and modeling outweigh any negative aspects. She is definitely someone that you will want to have as an important part of your wardrobe.

It would be hard for anyone to imagine Fatima Effendi to be a bad role model. In addition to being very kind and gentle, she has also had some difficult times during her life. She has survived with a great deal of grace and her outlook on life is one that is very optimistic. Anyone who wants to model should consider her for their own personal development.

People also like to compare Fatima Effendi to Madonna. Both women were born into extremely wealthy families and have made it big in the modeling world. Fatima’s family is very rich and she is very much into her career. Even though she has to live a double life, she still manages to look glamorous and beautiful all the time.

Fatima is also an actress who never seems to complain about anything and is very gracious to everyone she meets. She always puts her family first and is respectful of them as well. She makes sure to give credit where it is due and does her homework before going out into the spotlight.

Fatima is not afraid to show her heart or take her time to build relationships with people in the industry. She has a very open and loving personality, which allows her to connect with people in a very positive manner. She is a great role model for young girls who are looking for their own role models.

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