Farhan Saeed


Farhan Saeed

He was born on 14 September  1984,Farhan Saeed is a former lead vocalist of the Pakistani band Jal “band” and he have owner of restaurant Cafe Rock.
he started his A level at The Keynesian Institute of Management in Lahore. Then in 2001 went on to National University of Computer and Emerging Sciencesin Peshawar but after that he  migrated to the campus in Lahore for his bachelors degree in computer sciences. he is acquired his early education at Crescent from where he took his O levels. In 1999,

After the launch of the Walls In 2007,  Cornetto c actress Amritao. it was rumored by the Indian Media that Farhan and the actress had developed feelings for each other. Later, His name to band member Goher Murtaza

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thumb 110 4727  - Farhan Saeed
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thumb Farhan Saeed at PC Muzaffarabad 12 Feb 2012 23 4730  - Farhan Saeed
thumb Farhan Saeed at PC Peshawar 10 Feb 2012 34 4731  - Farhan Saeed
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