Ex-Senator Taj Haider

Senator, A writer, playwright, a policy planner

Ex-Senator Taj Haider

A writer, playwright, a policy planner and a versatile genius Mr. Taj Haider was born on 8 March, 1942 at Kotah in Raihastan. Hailing from an enlightened family, young Taj Haider was admitted to G.B.S.S. Ranchore Lines, Karachi for his early education whereafter he studied at Khairpur for his higher secondary education. He earned B. Sc. degree -7 (Hons) from the Karachi University in 1962 and studied to get the M. Sc. degree during the year 1962-63 at the same University. He also got a certificate course in exports in 1980.

He had an in-born aptitude for academics, literature, fine arts and decorum and discipline in every shade of life from his early age. His writings and contributions for the fine arts, Pakistan Television and other mass media disciplines are reflective of an in-born urge to set the things in order and see that right prevails over might.

Mr. Taj Haider’s political career is also imbued with the same urge for reformation and open minded approach towards the solution of the problems of the people particularly those living below the poverty line. He is a founder member of the Pakistan Peoples Party and was a committed supporter of change oriented philosophy of late Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He continued to advance and promote the cause of the down trodden through his writings and wrote memorable plays for the Pakistan Television very actively between 1978 to 1985.

As a policy planner, Mr. Taj Haider has a very long list of achievements which he earned through launching a number of multi-dimensional development oriented projects.

He has a unique honour to contribute in the projects like Saindak Integrated Mineral Development Project, Heavy Mechanical Complex, Manchar Lake, Lal Shahbaz Airport, Hub Dam, Thar Coal Deposits Project and a number of social sector projects in the fields of Health, Education, Sanitation and projects aimed at fighting environmental pollution etc. etc.

Mr. Taj Haider as Director Incharge of the Project Division of Northern Traders (Pvt) Limited founded in 1945 and a mother company of Industrial and Trading Group (Hussain Group), looke after planning and installing small and large power plants, preparation of imports feasibilities, -financial analysis, international joint ventures, marketing supply and Industrial managements of the industries of the Group of Companies.

Mr. Taj Haider is a widely travelled person who visited a number of countries of the world including France, England, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Egypt, Syria, Iran, UAE, India, Bangla Desh, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China and Japan.

He was elected to the Senate of Pakistan in July 1995 against the seat vacated by the former Senator Mr. Kamaluddin Azfar on his appointment as Governor Sindh. His term as Senator is due to expire in the year 2000.

He is member of the Senate Standing Committees on Industries and Production and on Water and Power and on Education and Scientific and Technological Research and also on Functional Committee on Less Developed Areas.

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Former Senator and General Secretary of ruling PPP of Sindh chapter
Former Senator and Gen …
Former Senator and General Secretary of ruling PPP of Sindh chapter
Former Senator and Gen …

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