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Dr. Fazeela Abbasi born 27th Sep 1979 at Multan, is a top adviser Pakistani dermatologist and a cosmetic surgeon and a famed television character. Abbasi finished her post graduation documents at world celebrated Saint John’s Dermatology Institute, London and started her private practice in Islamabad.

She appeared on ARY Digital TV from Marina Mornings and out there began her non-stop media travel taking her into the largest national TV stations of the nation and she became a house hold name.

She’s regarded as an authority on lasers and skin not just in the nation but is a frequent invited guest speaker in international platforms.

She was employed as a professional dermatologist in Dubai for 4 decades and had the privilege to operate from the global dermatology industry.

Fazeela Abbasi was born in Multan to a household of Abbasi source, the sole daughter of Mazhar Ali Abbasi, a retired military officer and his spouse Nasim Chaudhry.

Her mum is a well-known lawyer at law, and it has been employed as a banking tribunal judge.

She’s twice chosen member federal parliament and had the honour of serving the nation for a chairman standing committee of national law and justice.

A silent and a shy woman in her childhood, Abbasi climbed together with her only brother, Hamza Ali Abbasi, at a comparatively affluent (upper centre ) class conditions and obtained a privileged schooling. Her brother is a well-known celebrity with a massive fan following globally.

Dr Fazeela Abbasi 10 Quick Truth, Biography, Wiki

Dr Fazeela Abbasi 10 Quick Truth

This practice brings together a variety of cosmetic and skincare medical experience all under a single roof- distinctive benefits that have not gone unnoticed by individuals since it welcomes an increasing number of guests from all over the world.

Since its base roughly ten decades before, the practice has created a name for itself in the sphere of cosmetic medication.

The practice’s laser stage is exceptional in Pakistan and its own anti aging technology are cutting edge.

She was employed as a professional dermatologist in Dubai for 4 decades and had the privilege to operate from the global dermatology industry.

She’s a part of the following prestigious dermatology institutions

Dr Fazeela Abbasi

  • Pakistan institution of dermatology
  • European Society of aesthetic & cosmetic dermatology\
  • British institution of dermatology
  • Laser Health Academy

Dr Fazeela Abbasi is among the Most Well-known and renowned Skin Professional and Best Dermatologist out of Islamabad.

This is a concise biography of Dr. Fazeela where we shall details intriguing information about her life and loved ones.

She had been born in Multan At the home of Leading Mazhar Ali and Begum Nasim Akhtar Chaudhry, her mum is a part of National Assembly and is connected with Pakistan People’s Party.

Another intriguing thing about her private life is that she’s the sister of renowned star Hamza Ali Abbasi.

This higher education in prestigious associations and a few of the top hospitals of London assisted her in livelihood.

After arriving to Pakistan she found Advanced Dermatology Clinic at the capital city of Islamabad which shortly became the first selection for thousands of people in Islamabad.

She’s referred to as the ideal skincare specialist and skin physician not just in Islamabad but also in different areas of the city.

In her practice nonsurgical and laser methods are utilized to treat individuals making it the top centre in the specialty of dermatology.

The trustworthiness of her practice is well recognized as it’s recognized by many overseas institutes for example Dubai Health Authority.

Dr. Fazeela’s educational background, knowledge and experience helped her in getting top female therapist of Pakistan.

She’s encouraged as a guest on several morning shows where folks follow her beauty hints and advices concerning to skin care and other problems.

Numerous treatments for skin associated problems are provided by Dr Fazeela along with her staff in the practice.

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