Ayesha Gulalai

Politician Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf ( PTI )

Ayesha Gulalai

Ayesha Gulalai is an active Pakistani Politician from Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf(PTI).She is from most conservative area of Pakistan named “Karak” in
Khyber PakhtonKhwa(NWFP).Initially she was inspired by Pakistan Peoples Party and served as Chief Coordinator of Pakistan for FATA but later on she joined  PTI ; won the election 2013 and became the member of national assembly on the reserved seat for women.


Ayesha Gulalai was born in highly conservative area of South Waziristaan in Khyber PakhtonKhwa(NWFP). She has a sister who is also reknowned personality as she is women squash champion named; Maria Toor Pakay and resides in Toronto.


Ayesha is an educated girl and just at the age of 26 she is an active politician, prior to PTI served as Chief Coordinator of Pakistan for FATA from Pakistan peoples Party.She holds Bachelors degree in International Relations,BS in computer Science and Masters Degree in Comparative Religions.  Its an astounding fact that she won the elections from such a backward area where a “women” is nothing.


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