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Arif Lohar Pakistani Singer

Arif Lohar

Arif Lohar was born in 1959. He is a Pakistani folk singer. He usually sings with native musical instrument resembling tongs (called a ‘chimta’). His folk music is representative of traditional folk heritage of Pakistan. He is the son of folk singer Alam Lohar.
Early life

Born in Pakistan, Lohar started singing to explore the folk singing of Punjab, and to keep the tradition of his father alive.
In 2005, he was awarded Pride of Performance Award from Government of Pakistan.

* “Thousands to Name”

Arif Lohar returned and re-emerged! Looking hip too, made the people of Punjabi Maestro return very elegant on the music scene with local video rocking his father’s illustrious, hit the world in the Lohar ‘Jugni “, a song popular Punjabi classics. Reproduce British musician and producer Sahota selected, and the song from his latest album, Arif Lohar Jugni also entitled to.

Jugni is the basis for Arif and his father’s classic old world Lohar with modern sound smashing. Consists of ten tracks, and two bonus mixes of the album is Arif Lohar, saying he can still be hit was the era of pop stylized, where glamor sells more than a musical experience. It is better to make this statement of this legendary folk artist, with a huge fan following all over the world. Arif now also has the oopmh to suit his music is strong.

Arif is not the first one to recast the traditional music and make it more Western audience friendly. Not Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is before him. Where he did a great qawwali maestro did not change his view to appeal to a wider audience, music remix.

Arif Lohar remixing his songs and was probably inevitable given the rapid development in the world of Punjabi music. Have adapted, whether in the United States or Europe, in the Punjabi diaspora of both India and Pakistan, living in foreign lands their voices to the sound of traditional folk land on which they live.

Have taken Punjabi MC, Stereo Nation, Apache Indian, and many other teams such musicians and musical heritage, the original and fused with great success with rap music and hip-hop and reggae, BR ‘n and even rock music. This type of modern Punjabi folk are not only popular with Asians second and third generation living in the West, but also with the Westerners themselves.

Punjabi clubs or nights in the clubs regular Punjabi are all the rage in the UK, the most happening place regardless of the state of Punjab for Punjabi music. The extent to which the Punjabi music and penetrated into the soul music in the West is evident from the cooperation of many prominent musicians in Asia have done with Western artists.

Whether Nelly Remix Furtado in a variety of “no influence” with Josh and Jay-Z rapping in Punjabi MC and ‘Mundian to Kay Bach “or” beware of the boys as it is more popularly known – Punjabi music, and once “underground” and take now prevailing on the music scene in the West.
Track on the ‘addiction’ Hurt in fact.

So it was not surprising to see that it is not only musicians but also Punjabi, Punjabi record companies that have become all the rage in the West. Was released Arif Lohar Jugni all over the world in the last week of October by Mukhtar Sahota to record the music of Interior of the company, the British outfit. About the company also responsible for the look Arif and his video.

Wearing the correct pattern of R ‘n B, complete with a fur coat, necklaces, Arif look is completely new. The only thing missing is the presence of the allocation of Bling Bling chimta! Of fluorescent dhotis, murmurs his songs popular in the wonderful green fields of rural Punjab, Arif Lohar has come a long way.

A video based on performance with the story of a very Lara Croft inspired works in the background, the killing of ‘Jugni “in Canada. Sound is rock with electric guitars disharmony through the scum of the people popular on a large scale. Although it may consider Arif Lohar, a rock star such as the oxymoron by many, it is a fact that Arif does not seem misplaced.

Can be a combination of us became familiar with the packaging of our music western communities, and the fact that the strong performance is critical. And Aref, even in the dhoti and KURTA was always a tremendous entertainment value. Arif and his father was popular in those times when the musicians could not bank on the back-up dancers, lighting, unusual, or stage a play to attract and impress the public.

According to Arif, who enjoy the glory of his new team the Heat, was presented this video to his new audience. The idea was to integrate his music is very popular with that in the West to keep pace with the changing times. “I had to be careful not to lose the originality of my singing, so my vocals and words are the same but new beats and rock a little nest,” he says.

Mukhtar Sahota and was perhaps the best man for the job as he did quite popular Punjabi experience mixing with reggae and hip-hop, dance and rock music. Mukhtar began his musical career at a very early age, playing the organ in the band, and Sahotas with his brothers.

Apart from doing his music special produced a number of albums, and has done both traditional Punjabi songs and fusion. Arif Lohar approached with the idea of ​​repatriation classic with modern sound. And approved the results of Arif bright.

So it is not surprising that a new look and new sound and to pick up very well with his audience, which is Arif will see him live in concert soon. Now this is the artist, and stay true to his art form and then adapt to the changing methods did not lose that edge.

Pakistan – Forthcoming Attractions – Arif Lohar in Jugni Nachdi Ay

Lollywood’s veteran director Syed Noor’s latest cinematic endeavor Jugni Nachdi Ay is set to enthrall audiences across the country. The film is a village love story and brings the folk singer back to big screen after a long hiatus. The cast also includes Moammar Rana, Shaan, and Saima.
“Arif Lohar fits well into his role in the film,” comments Rana who is looking forward to the release of three of his films on Eid. “I think the biggest thing is that the audiences will be entertained. He looks nice in this role,” adds the actor.
Lohar, who had called it quits with Lollywood to focus on his music career, will be playing the role of a folk singer. Further details about the character, including his name, are yet to be disclosed.
The film took two years to be shot before being sent to India to be edited. Jugni Nachdi Ay will feature five item songs sung by Lohar including his “Coke Studio” hit “Alif Allah”. In one of the tracks, theatre artist Nida Chaudhry will be featured in a Punjabi dance number, choreographed by Pappu Samrat.
The film’s title song, which has been released online, was recorded at the studio of Noor’s Paragon Academy of Performing Arts (Papa). The rendition is a distant attempt to capture the production quality experienced in “Coke Studio” version of the song, which featured the vocals of Meesha Shafi.
The plot of Jugni Nachdi Ay revolves around three men who fall in love with the same girl, Jugni, played by Saima. Rana and Shaan’s characters in the film are those of friends who are competing with each other for Jugni’s love.
Rana, who plays a negative role in the film, believes that the film is one of a kind in terms of its cast, saying that his role in the film challenged hisacting skills. “This is a different role for me. My character is an individual who is in love, but takes a negative approach,” says Rana. “In the film, Shaan and I play difficult roles as we are friends but we both are in love with Jugni.”
Rana adds that the real excitement for him as an actor is that Syed Noor has directed the film. The actor wants to ensure that the film is screened all over the country and in multiplex cinemas as well. “We are really optimistic about this film. Let’s hope for the best and make sure that we give a chance to the film to succeed before writing it off completely,” says Rana. Dismissing the idea that Punjabi language will lessen the film’s nation-wide marketability, he says: “If that is the case, then Chooriyan as well as many other films would not have been such hits.”
Noor believes that while Saima’s presence in the film is a great addition to its star-studded cast, Lohar’s performance will provide great entertainment to the viewers.
“When I had designed and written the film, I had done it with Lohar in mind. It brings back a good actor, but I think the important thing is that we have a superstar caste,” says Noor.
The editing process of Jugni Nachdi Ay is scheduled to be finished by August 21, and according to the insiders, a press conference is expected to be held on August 25. The film will hit the theatres on Eid. (Source – Sher Khan – The Express Tribune)

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