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Punjab Minister for SocialPunjab Minister Ms Zill-e-Huma speaks at a function on December 29, 2006. Welfare Zil-e-Huma Usman Tuesday died of bullet injury in a hospital in Lahore. The minister was critically injured in an attack in Gujranwala during an open katchehry.
An attacker, identified as Ghulam Sarwar, had fired bullets in the head and shoulder of provincial minister Zill-e-Huma Usman during an open katchehry held at Muslim League House near Civil Lines police station.

Minister caught the driver and other people who attended the katchehry attacker.
The minister admitted to hospital in the area of ​​the headquarters of the first-aid. Was taken at a later time it’s Lahore hospital by helicopter prime minister, but succumbed to injury during the operation.

Zil-e-Huma UsmanAccording to the DPO Gujaranwala, Ghulam Sarwar had killed 12 of the call girls of Lahore. He was arrested for the murder of a girl call, and was released from prison last year.The accused was handed over to employees of the CIA that transformed him in an undisclosed location.
An earlier report said that the Punjab Minister for Social Welfare, Zill-E-Huma Usman, who was wounded in the head critical in the deadly attack in Gujranwala, succumbed to the surgeon during surgery at the General Hospital in Lahore (LGH) here Tuesday afternoon.

According to the spokesman for the LGH, was implemented neurosurgery by Professor Nazir Ahmad and Dr. Khalid Bashir.It was flown to the provincial capital of Gujranwala by helicopter for treatment shortly after the deadly attack by a person named Sarwar.I was born in the 36-year-old Zilla Huma Usman, the wife of Dr. Haidar Mohamed Osman, in the September 16, 1971.I got on the degree of Bachelor of Laws in 1997 and MA (Political Science) in 1998 from Punjab University in Lahore.

The Assembly elected a member of the Punjab province in the 2002 general election for a seat is reserved women.Worked Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and Development from August 5, 2003 to November 30, 2006. She worked as Minister of Social Welfare since December 1, 2006.Wounded Zill MS-E-Huma Usman in an attack in Gujranwala on Tuesday. Have been introduced in the hospital in serious condition.According to the details of pumping striker shot in the head of the provincial Osman Zell-E-Huma Minister in 1 katchehry open house at the University of Muslims here.The minister admitted in Civil Hospital Gujranwala in an unstable state.
Police arrested the attacker and questioning.

President and the Prime Minister’s expression of grief
The Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, has a deep sense of sadness and shock at the tragic murder that took place Mrs. Zill-E-Huma Usman, Minister for Territory and for social welfare in Gujranwala on Tuesday.
The President said that Ms. Zill-E-Huma was a politically committed and loyal and in a short period and her ministers, she has taken several steps for the welfare of the people of Punjab.
In a letter addressed to the family of Mrs. Zill-E-Huma, the President heartfelt condolences and prayed to Allah Almighty to give them the strength to bear this irreparable with fortitude and casting

‘Fanatic’ kills Punjab woman minister

An Islamist “fanatic” shot and killed Punjab Social Welfare Minister Zile Huma Usman in an open court in her hometown of Gujranwala on Tuesday.Police said Muhammad Sarwar shot the minister in the head and shoulder during a brief power cut during the open court at Pakistan Muslim League House. A helicopter airlifted her for surgery to Lahore General Hospital, where she died of her wounds.Police arrested Sarwar immediately after the shooting and lodged a murder case against him. They said he was a religious fanatic opposed to women being independent, and had been implicated in four murders and two attempted murders in Gujranwala.

“He considers it contrary to the teachings of Allah for a woman to become a minister or a ruler. That’s why he committed this action,” the police said in a statement.Speaking to Daily Times, Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat vowed an “effective and immediate prosecution” after a thorough probe. He said the government had ordered the police to complete the challan of the case within 14 days. “He (Sarwar) is basically a fanatic,” Basharat said.Huma, 37, was married with two sons. Her husband is a doctor. She also ran a small fashion design business in Gujranwala. She was a popular figure in the Punjab government. She became an MPA on a reserved seat and had close family ties with Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi. She was also a supporter of Gen Pervez Musharraf and his policy of “enlightened moderation”. The chief minister and his cabinet expressed shock and grief at the killing. Her funeral will be held at Rahwali Cantt at 2:00 pm.

Qamar Jabbar adds: The minister had been the target of several death threats since she had tried to organise a “mini-marathon” for men and women in Gujranwala in 2005. The race was attacked by extremists who consider it un-Islamic for men and women to run together.She was also reportedly trying to organise another marathon in Gujranwala in late March, and had again received death threats.Officials said Huma was known for promoting women’s rights. “He killed her because she was not observing the Islamic code of dress. She was also campaigning for emancipation of women,” local police officer Nazir Ahmad told AFP.

Zile Huma Usman, A Pakistani Tragedy

It was her wedding anniversary. She was the mother of two. She was elected to office in 2002. In April 2005, she was helped organize an all-woman mini-marathon in Gujranwala. The women were attacked by MMA with batons and petrol bombs. She received death threats as a result of her involvement in the event. She became a provincial minister on December 1, 2006.

On Feb 20th, she arrived at the Muslim League House to hold an open session with her constituents. Around a hundred men and women were waiting for her. There had been an electricity shutdown, so she proposed that the gathering be moved to the lawns outside the building and started leading everyone outside.

As she was walking, some women started showering her with rose-petals.

A man walking next to her, Ghulam Sarwar, put a 30 bore revolver next to her temple and pulled the trigger. She was rushed to the Divisional HeadQuarters and later to General Hospital, Lahore but she did not survive the trauma to her brain.

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