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 Mohib Mirza

Top model Mohib Mirza was born on 18 August, 1979 in Karachi. He was born in an Urdu speaking family. Mohib Mirza has one elder sister. His father is a big fan of sub continental music and Urdu poetry. Pakistani Fashion Model Mohib Mirza went to St. Judes School in North Nazimabad, Karachi. In secondary school, Mohib Mirza took admission in drama classes as a pass time. But after his graduation, he realized that acting is what he wants to do.

Early life

Mirza was born in Karachi, to a Urdu-speaking family. Mirza is the youngest in his family with his parents and an elder sister. His father is a passionate lover of Subcontinental music and Urdu poetry.
Male model Mohib Mirza entered the acting world as a theater actor in 1999. At that time he was doing bachelors in commerce. He ran out off his funds for next semester and so he with his college friend started their own theater company called Dramaybazz. They wrote and directed the play One Way Ticket. Play went on air on PACC for one week and received awesome response. From this play, Mohib Mirza raised thrice the amount he actually needed. Pakistani model Mohib Mirza entered the television industry with the drama serial Zabunnisa on PTV. Drama was about the girl who becomes the victim of domestic violence. Drama was a big hit and it gained Mohib Mirza recognition. Since then Pakistani fashion model Mohib Mirza has done dozens of drama serials, telefilms, sitcoms, and commercials.

Mirza did his primary schooling from St Judes in North Nazimabad Town, Karachi. When he progressed towards secondary school, he enrolled for drama classes as a hobby; it was not until he went on to do his graduation that he realised his passion for acting.

Mirza started off as a theatre actor in 1999. He was doing Bachelors in Commerce and ran out of funds for the next semester which made him and his friends start a theatre company of their own called Dramaybazz. They wrote and directed an Urdu play One way ticket, which ran in PACC for 7 days receiving an overwhelming response. Mirza managed to raise more than thrice the amount of money he needed.

Mirza made his debut on television in Sahira Kazmi’s popular PTV drama serial Zebunnisa,about a girl who becomes the victim of domestic violence. Since then Mirza has acted in numerous television serials, telefilms, sitcoms and TV commercials.

He earned international recognition with his film Insha Allah (2009), winning the award in Best Supporting Actor category at the International Filmmaker Film Festival held in Kent, England. Mirza is the first Pakistani actor to be awarded at the festival.[9] He is currently producing a pictorial book titled Silent Cinema, with which he wishes to revive Pakistan’s film industry. He stated that the title symbolizes how the Pakistani cinema is silent and that it needs to show its true potential. The film will star Mirza, with Sanam Baloch, Juggan Kazim, and Sunita Marshall.
Personal life

Mirza is married to famous television actress and model Aamina Sheikh. Their wedding was a three-day event taking place from April 30 to May 2, 2005. Mohib and Aamina met on the sets of a show which Mohib was hosting and Aamina was directing.In an interview given to Jang, Mohib revealed that he had the hardest time convincing Aamina’s father and that each meeting with him involved ‘extensive grilling’.
In 2009 Mohib Mirza also starred in the movie Insha Allah. With this film, he got international fame. He also won the Best Supporting Actor award in Kent’s Film Maker’s Festival. Mohib Mirza is the only Pakistani actor to won the award at Kent’s film festival. Pakistani model Mohib Mirza has also produced a pictorial book called Silent Cinema.

Mohib Mirza is best known for his role of Ishrat Baji on Aag TV’s sitcom Ishrat Baji.

Fashion Model Mohib Mirza also appeared in Music Videos of Hadiqa Kiani’s Saraiki, Akhter Qayyum’s remix video Kali Kali Rat Mai, Abrar-ul-Haq’s Nacchan Me Ode Naal, Call’s Paas Kuch Nahi, Tania and Omer’s Tere Liye.

Mohib Mirza is married to well known television actress and fashion model Aamina Sheikh. The wedding was a three day affair from 30 April, 2005 to 2 May, 2005. The couple had met on the sets of show Bachey Man ke Sachay where Mohib Mirza was hosting and Aamina Sheikh was directing. In one of interviews, fashion model Mohib Mirza told that he had the hardest time convincing Aamina’s father and that each meeting with him involved extensive grilling.

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