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 Firdous Jamal

An institution within himself, Firdous Jamal, the ever-green TV artist has all the right to be critical about the present state of TV drama. He feels that the declined drama is badly in need of therapy that may help it back on its feet. It is also important in order to keep abreast of the times, which is the most essential requisite especially since this is an era of media-war.

This dialogue with Firdous began in a casual manner, but it didn’t take longer for it to become a feast of reason. It is worth learning how this sensitive person and the old chip of PTV’s block have adjusted together in pathetic conditions where art is constantly being substituted with mundane and materialistic endeavours. Follows Firdous’ interview:

Asif Khan (AK): You are an experienced artiste, but unlike your contemporaries why haven’t you proceeded towards direction?
After spending a long time in the entertainment industry with the drama and one specialty, an artist intends to do something, which is what I learned through trial and error stage. He wanted to bring out something that may be associated with his name in its entirety.

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