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Ali Zafar Best Singer. Ali Zafar also known as the Prince of Pop was born on May 18, 1980 in Lahore, Pakistan. He is a Pakistani musician, actor, painter and model probably most noted around South Asia for his music, including his hit songs like Channo, Rangeen, Chal Dil Merey, Dekha, Masty and Sajania. He started his singing career with the hit song Jugnuon Se Bhar Le Aanchal in the film Shararat, directed by Pakistani actress and director Samina Peerzada.

Ali Zafar


Early life and career

Zafar was born to two professors at the University of the Punjab. He initially attended the C.A.A. Public School and later moved to the Beaconhouse School System from where he topped in his matric examinations. He later graduated from the National College of Arts as a painter in 2002 with honors. Before entering the Pakistani musical scene, Zafar worked as a model for several commercial advertisement besides acting in television. He worked in the Pakistani television serial Lunda-Bazar, Kanch Ke Par and in the teenage sitcom Kollege Jeans. He was also in the music video of Preeto sung by Abrar-ul-Haq.
Music career

Zafar made his debut as a musician with the album Huqa Pani, released in Pakistan in 2003 and worldwide in 2005. The album was an instant hit, selling over 600,000 worldwide and winning several major awards and nominations. It also put him into the league of the most popular artists ever to have come out of Pakistan with a massive fan following locally and internationally. He was described by The Hindu as “take a Kishore Kumar-like voice, club it with yuppie Ibiza-ish electronic beats, and add a bit of nostalgic lyrics”.

His comparison to Kishore Kumar was frequently made initially but with time he proved to be perhaps the most versatile singer in the modern generation with a distinct vocal tone and qualities, specially during his folk and Sufi renditions in the “Coke Studio Sessions”, where he surprised his audiences with live renditions of difficult notes with much ease and ranging his singing from pop to folk to semi-classical. His new songs, namely “Allah Hu”, “Yaar Dhadhi Ishq” (a cover), “Nahin Ray Nahin” and “Daastan-e-Ishq” won the hearts of millions all over the world once again and earned him a new era of fan following.

He won the award for “Best Album” category at the Lux Style Awards in 2004 for his massive hit album Huqa Pani and also the “Best Male Artist” at the 2008 MTV awards. In addition to the album’s popularity being reflected in the music stores and by critics, it has been widely claimed that Himesh Reshammiya plagiarized one of the most well-known tracks from the album, Rangeen, for the song Dillagi Mein Jo. Soon Pritam too copied his track “Channo” as “Chori ki Baatein” in the film Fight Club.

Zafar launched his second album “Masty” at the national level in November 2006. He was released four videos from the album entitled “Masty”, “Sajania”, “Dekha” and “Aasmaan”. And held a press conference for the release of the album in Lahore. The album was released records under the banner of the fire. “Masty” was released in India in February 2007. The album includes two additional tracks and remix launched “records FrankFinn”.

Video released his long awaited third and the “Dekha” and one, from his second album, which was the most expensive music video of Pakistan, which cost more than seven million rupees. Video was filmed in Malaysia, produced by the Lux Company, and was famous Pakistani actresses / models, Reema Khan, Meera, and the right hands, and starring in it. Zafar also won the “Youth Icon” award at the awards ceremony style lux 2007, in Malaysia.

Has described his character as multi-talented. Besides being a singer, painter, model and actor, has proved himself as a director and producer of good music by directing and producing his music video “Ek Pal” from the first album Huqa builder who was a big hit at the national level.Film career

Zafar will make his debut in Indian director Abhishek Sharma’s comedy film, Tere Bin Laden. The film is slated to release worldwide on July 16, 2010.

Personal life
Zafar married his long-time-fiance Ayesha Fazli on July 28, 2009 in Lahore. On March 7, 2010, he became a father to a baby boy, who he named Azaan Zafar.

* Tere Bin Laden (2010)
* Masty (Released on December 1, 2006)
* Huqa Pani (Released on November 21, 2003)
Famous Songs
* From his second album Masty
*o Dekha
o Aag
o Sajania
o Aasmaan
o Masty
* From his first album Huqa Pani
*o Channo
o Huqa Pani
o Rangeen
o Chal dil Merey
o Jugnuon se bhar le aanchal
o Those For Truth

* Indus Music Awards 2005 – Best Pop Artist.
* Asian Bollywood Music Awards 2005 – Best Pop Music Album in Pakistan Huqa Pani.
* Indus Music Awards 2004 – The Best Album Huqa Pani.
* Indus Music Awards 2004 – The Best Debut Artist.
* Lux Style Awards 2004 – Best Music Album Huqa Pani.
* Lux Style Awards 2007 – The Youth Icon Award.

Model, painter, actor and musician, Pakistani A lister Ali Zafar, lauded as the ‘Prince of Pop’, makes his debut splash in Indian cinebiz with ‘Tere Bin Laden,’ a howlarious satire which boasts of… no female lead! Ali, thrilled with the filming experience is greedy to savour more of B Town fare…
A certified celeb in his native country Pakistan, Ali Zafar has crossed parochial borders and made his foray into Indian cinema with ‘Tere Bin Laden’.
Ali, who’s earned big brownie points as a model, TV actor and musician, has now caught the fancy of a rather unlikely candidate: Salman Khan!
Reportedly, Khan’s all sold over Ali’s debut effort ‘Tere Bin Laden’ and has been tweeting high praise as regards the Abhishek Sharma helmed flick and Ali, in particular.
Furthermore, Khan invited Ali Zafar over to his suburban Mumbai residence and the duo has forged a great bond of friendship too. Pleased with the filming experience of ‘Tere Bin Laden,’ a giggle inspiring satire centred around a serious subject (Osama bin Laden, no less), Ali is keen on signing up for more Indian films in the near future. Excerpts from a chat with the Pak entertainer…
How would you describe your first Bollywood experience?
My very first Bollywood experience was so good that I hope I get a chance to go through many more of such experiences. The entire environment, the vibe, the fun of working here in Bollywood should continue for me.
You’re basically a singer, what made you gravitate towards acting?
According to me, every singer should have the qualities of an actor inside him and every actor should have the qualities of a singer. I feel blessed and lucky because I have the qualities of both, an actor and a singer within me. I have incorporated acting in my music videos, as well, and prior to singing I have worked for television serials too. So acting is not new to me. But yes, this is my first film through which I will be showing my skills on the big screen.
Which do you like more, acting or singing?
It’s a difficult question to answer. I used to think that I like singing very much and that acting would be my second choice. But the fun and the enjoyment that I had after taking part in this project, I would say that I like both, singing and acting equally.
Can you shed some light about the ‘Tere Bin Laden’ and your character in it?
This film is about a journalist from Karachi. It is his dream to work for a major U.S. news channel. I have been working for the news channel of small and believed that his capabilities are far from where it is. After 11/9, it remains to obtain a visa to him and rejected over and over again! Showed that position are very funny. One-day competition goes to the registration of chicken, and there he happens to meet the look alike of Osama bin Laden! But this person has only the poultry sector. Gates so that he plan to produce a fake Osama tape and sell it. And the whole world gets to know about this tape, and it creates a sensation. This is the way in which the involvement of the FBI and the White House to investigate and chase him. In this case is essentially the story of a strange and funny comic.
What kind of preparation did you have to do for the role?
First of all, I had my personal homework done as an actor. Later, I also attended a ten day acting workshop with Barry John to get a right feel of how I should go about playing my character effectively.
If the film does release in Pakistan, what kind of reactions are you expecting from the masses?
There is nothing in the film that talks about a group or will hurt anyone’s feelings. We are merely showing a light angle to a reality that people have already heard or seen. So we have just showcased this reality in a funny manner, because many a time humour can get across a serious topic in a better fashion.

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