Mubashir Hassan

Member, Pakistan Atomic Scientists Foundation (PASF)

 Mubashir Hassan

Mubashir Hassan  January 22, 1922 PhD, is a Pakistani civil engineer and science administrator known for his work in Hydraulics and his political role in the development of the atom bomb project. He held several public offices, including standing as the 9th Finance Minister of Pakistan (1971-1974) and the 3rd Science Advisor to the Prime minister Secretariat (1974-1977).

A political activist, he co-founded the Pakistan People’s Party and was jailed alongside Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1977. Released in 1984, Hassan joined the UET Lahore’s Faculty of Engineering as professor of civil engineering.


    Member, Pakistan Atomic Scientists Foundation (PASF)

    Member, Pakistan Civil Engineer Society

    Professor, Civil Engineering at UET Lahore


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