Waheed Murad
Famous Pakistani Actor Waheed Murad
Famous Pakistani Actor Waheed Murad, who was also known as “Romance ka Shehzada” was born to a successful film distributor/producer of Lollywood, Nisar Murad, on October 2, 1938 in Karachi. Waheed Murad did his schooling from Marie Calaco School, graduated in arts and then obtained a Master’s degree in English Literature from Karachi University.
Last Updated: 01 April 2012 21:57 PM

Noman Ejaz,
Pakistani TV Drama Actors Noman Ejaz,
Noman Ijaz started his acting career from Lahore centre and proved in his early plays that he is a good performer. He also did a serial from Quetta centre. Nauman Ijaz faced a lot of difficulties in his initial years, as an actor.Schooling at Cathedral, a few years at F.C college and then Law at Punjab University, but there after Nauman Ijaz became an actor.
Last Updated: 31 March 2012 05:29 AM

Faisal Qureshi
Pakistani Tv Actor & Anchor Faisal Qureshi
Faisal made Karachi his home where he lives with his mother, Afshan Qureshi, who’s a famous Film Actress of her time, Faysal married twice but neither worked. He has a daughter and a son..Faisal is good friends with fellow actor Aijaz Aslam and director Baber Javed. He hosted a memorial to deceased actor Moin Akhtar on April 29, 2011 along with Aijaz
Last Updated: 25 March 2012 22:50 PM

Adnan Siddiqui
Adnan Siddiqui Actor and Model
Adnan Siddiqui has become television’s leading man without conveying the impression that he takes this mantle seriously. But whether he likes to admit it or not, he has had a huge impact on local television.Adnan has also hosted a number of shows and modelled for alot of T.V commercials. He was also nominated for Lux Style awards from 2002 – 2005.
Last Updated: 15 March 2012 12:44 PM

Ayesha Khan
Pakistani Actress & Model Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan is so innocent beauty in Pakistani television dramas and film acting, Cute actress Ayesha is well known and very favorite in young generation of Asia. We are posting Ayesha Khan personal information, life history and profession career and success. Ayesha Khan is very intelligent and hard worker of pakistani dramas.
Last Updated: 15 March 2012 11:49 AM

Zeba Bakhtiar
Pakistani Actress Zeba Bakhtiar
Zeba Bakhtiar was born on 5 November 1971. She is a Pakistani film and television actress and director. She is the daughter of Yahya Bakhtiar, a prominent bureaucrat from Quetta and former Attorney General of Pakistan and comes from a Hungarian and Persian-Pakistani descent. She made her television debut with a PTV Karachi centre play, Anarkali.
Last Updated: 11 March 2012 12:49 PM

Sanam Baloch
Lollywood Sanam Baloch
Sanam Baloch is one of the most beautiful actress, hot and bold and presenter of television programs from Pakistan. Born Sanam Baloch in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Date of birth or her birthday gala on July 14 and has a Nick name is Sam. Hump ​​two brothers, Farhan Baluch and Baluch Abbas in the family.
Last Updated: 11 March 2012 12:44 PM

 Rahat Kazmi
Rahat Kazmi - Pakistani Television Dramas and TV Shows
The comment, am a very poor communicator, is some what surprising coming from film and television, artiste Rahat Kazmi. Elaborating on such an admission Rahat --- explain, I I am a person of intellect an enjoy conversation that is stimulating to the mind. The moment conversation veers towards people, events, and things;
Last Updated: 10 March 2012 11:48 AM

Zainab Qayyum
Zainab Qayyum Pakistani Actress Model
Zainab Qayyum represented by top Pakistani model and presenter of television programs is very smart, smart woman. Everyone was impressed by her performance and attributes of God gifted. We also have most of the fan. Here is some information about the history of Zainab Qayyum personal life and professional life and a full biography.
Last Updated: 09 March 2012 11:51 AM

Sana Nawaz
Pakistani film actress and model Sana
Sana Nawaz, credited frequently as Sanaa was born on April 26, 1972. She is an actress and model Pakistani film. Has achieved particular success it since the late 1990s. I got to know the film industry and youd by director Syed Noor in his film Sangam in 1997
Last Updated: 09 March 2012 11:03 AM

Sania Saeed
Pakistani TV Drama's Actress Sania Saeed
Sania Saeed is a pakistani TV Actress. She was one of the best Actress of Pakistan. She is beautiful, sober and a graceful lady. Sania Saeed is a very talented and versatile actress. She has done numerous memorable roles on television. She sang in many of the Dharma TV. Most of the TV with an excellent strike Dharma and representation was great. Is a very talented actress. Sania Saeed is not represented very good and very good person
Last Updated: 07 March 2012 21:13 PM

Sonia Khan
Pakistan Television Actors: Sonia Khan
The petite and charming Sonia Khan started off as a model, later becoming an anchor person and then graduated to acting. She was going great guns in her career when she suddenly disappeared for a year or so, giving rise to a lot of speculation.
Last Updated: 05 March 2012 21:37 PM

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