Bushra Farrukh
Bushra Farrukh Writer, Poet, Artist PTV & Radio Pakistan
Bushra Farrukh is a Pakistani poet. She was born in Peshawar, NWFP, Pakistan, on February 16, 1957. She is one of the few well-known female Urdu poets of Pakistan. She has also served Pakistan Television and Radio Pakistan as an announcer, compare, dramatist and playwright nearly four decades. She is the only artist of NWFP who has performed in four different languages Urdu, Pashto, Hindko and English at television and radio.
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Wasif Ali Wasif
Wsif ali Wasif Writer, Poet
Wasif Ali Wasif was born on 15 January 1929 at District Khushab. At that time Khusab used to be a tehsil and the district was Shahpur. He belonged to a very prestigious cast Awan. His father Malik Muhammed Arif was a teacher. He received his religious education under the supervision of his father. He got primary education in a local school in Khushab. He passed Matriculation examination from Govt. High School Khushab in 1944. His maternal grandfather, a skilled educationist, was appointed as Headmaster at a
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Zamir Jafri
Famous Urdu Humorous Poet
Zamir Jafri (January 1, 1916 – May 12, 1999) was a Pakistani poet born in Dina Jhelum. He became famous for his Urdu humorous poetry and also wrote humorous columns in the newspapers and periodicals. After graduating from Punjab University, he joined the army’s public relation department during World War II and retired as a major.
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Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui
Pakistani Famous Poets
Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui (born February 8,1943) is a noted Pakistani scholar, Urdu poet scientist and educationist. He is serving as Vice Chancellor of the Ziauddin University.
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Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi
Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi Urdu poet, journalist, Writer
Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, PP, SI born Ahmad Shah Awan on November 20, 1916 –died July 10, 2006) was an Urdu and English language Pakistani poet, journalist, literary critic, dramatist and short story author.He wrote 50 books on topics such as poetry, fiction, criticism, journalism and art,leading him to being a major figure in contemporary Urdu literature. His poetry stood out among his contemporaries' work for its humanism,and his Urdu afsana (novel) work is considered by some second only to Prem Chand in its
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Parveen Shakir Urdu poet
Parveen Shakir (November 24, 1952 - December 26, 1994) was a Pakistani Urdu poet, teacher and a civil servant of the Government of Pakistan.Parveen started writing at an early age and published her first volume of poetry, Khushbu to great acclaim, in 1976. She subsequently published other volumes of poetry - all well-received - including Inkaar Sad-barg Khud Kalami and Kaf-e-Aa'ina The Edge of the Mirror], besides a collection of her newspaper columns, titled Gosha-e-Chashm and was awarded one of Pakistan'
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Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Faiz Ahmed Faiz Urdu Poetry – Ghazals, Nazms, Mushaira
Faiz Ahmad Faiz February 1911 – 20 November 1984) MBE, NI, was an influential left-wing intellectual, revolutionary poet, and one of the most famous poets of the Urdu language from Pakistan. A notable member of the Progressive Writers' Movement (PWM), Faiz was an avowed Marxist and a recipient of Lenin Peace Prize by the Soviet Union in 1962. Despite being repeatedly accused of atheism by the political and military establishment, Faiz's poetry suggested a complicated relationship with religion in general
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Fahmida Riaz
Fahmida Riaz Famous Poet
Fehmida Riaz is a Urdu writer and poet She was born in July 28, 1946 at Meerut India .She was already making poetry at this young age. She She spend a few years in UK after his first marriage where she worked with the BBC Urdu service and got a degree in film making. Pathar Ke Zaban , Dodavari , Karachi ,Dhoop and Adhoora Aadmi are some of her famous books.Fahmida Riaz is currently MD Urdu Dictionary Board.
Last Updated: 13 November 2012 10:02 AM

Wasi Shah
Poet/ Darama Host
Wasi Shah is one of the most sophisticated poet of new era. and He is a Host Of 3 Idiots Programme on Aaj Tv.Wasi Shah is Asian Great Urdu poet from Punjab Pakistan. He is wellknown famous and most favorite of teens college girls all age of guys and all teacher professor well educated persons.
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