Najam Sethi
Famous Pakistani writer, analyst and TV anchor Najam Sethi ..
The famous Anchor/Editor and Journalist Mr Najam Sethi is now associated with Geo and Jang Group. He is well know for his spicy analysis and thoughts according to our sources he is coming up with a show on Geo News on coming Monday 31st Jan 2011.After saying Good Bye to Dunya TV it would be first appearance of Najam Sethi on Geo News.
Last Updated: 16 May 2012 22:29 PM

Hina Bayat
Hina Bayat Pakistani Drama Actresses
Hina Bayat is not just a pretty face. “Actually by profession, what I qualified for is product designing. Designing purses and bags somehow led to my getting into showbiz,” she explains. There was a commercial being made by the Export Promotion Bureau, for whom she was working at the time. They needed someone with naturally green eyes and the next thing she knew, she was in that commercial.
Last Updated: 16 May 2012 12:58 PM

Qaiser Nizamani
Qaiser Nizamani Pakistani TV Drama Actor
Born on August 9, 1965, Qaiser was inspired to enter television by the late Shafi Mohammad Shah, followed by which he acted in a Sindhi play. However, it was his role in the play 'Tapish', directed by Sahira Kazmi and aired on Pakistan Television in the year 1994.Little did Qaiser Khan Nizamani know that two years later he would be directing Arzoo himself. It was after some time that fate brought Qaiser and Fazila together a second time. Qaiser decided there and then to come out straight with his feelings f
Last Updated: 16 May 2012 12:36 PM

Fakhar-e-Alam Singer, songwriter, Musician Actor ..
Fakhar-e-Alam (January 19, 1976 in Lahore, Pakistan) is a Pakistani actor, VJ and singer, popular for introducing the pop/bhangra genre of music in Pakistan. Fakhr-e-Alam had recorded and released his debut album, which was a mega hit and shot him straight to stardom. There has been no looking back ever since. He is a successful young man. With 5 muzik albums, various endorsement deals, a successful experience in the restaurant business and an eye for identifying good business opportunity, he is indeed a st
Last Updated: 16 May 2012 07:35 AM

Behroze Sabzwari
Pakistan Television Actors Behroze Sabzwari
Behroze Sabzwari, is a Pakistani Film / Television actor. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1957.Behroze began his career from Radio Pakistan as Radio presenter, In the late 1970s he start his acting career as a child artist in “Live” television kids play Dada jan Nana jan. He won popularity with a TV play Khuda Ki Basti, in 1974 with his role Nausha. He performs serious and comic roles with equal ease. Among his successful TV serial is Tanhaiyaan, It was Qabacha that endeared him to many households.
Last Updated: 16 May 2012 06:41 AM

Ayesha Umar
Ayesha Umar Pakistani Actress and Model
She is one of the top model and TV drama actress of Pakistan Showbiz industry. Ayesha started her career when she was only eight years of age. She hosted a show named “Meray Bachpan kay Din” in 1989 in which she took interviews of different celebrities of Pakistan. Today she is not only renowned model and singer but also brilliant VJ and drama actress.
Last Updated: 14 May 2012 22:22 PM

Nilofar Bakhtiar
Former President PML Women Wing
Nilofar Bakhtiar is a renowned social and political activist with thirty years of experience, national and international, and commands leadership of the poor and marginalized communities. She has, during the past three decades, devoted herself to the cause of gender justice and empowerment and has earned a place for herself at the highest forums of civil society and governance. She has given leadership and direction to grass root communities and has enabled them to articulate their voices and ensure visibil
Last Updated: 14 May 2012 11:03 AM

Hina Rabbani Khar
Hina Rabbani Khar National Assembly of Pakistan
Hina Rabbani Khar is a Pakistani Politician and currently Minister of Foreign Affairs .She is first female foreign minister of Pakistan. She is youngest foreign minister of Pakistan. Hina Rabbani Khar was born on January 19, 1977 .Hina Rabbani is a graduate of ‘University of Massachusetts USA .She is State Minister for Finance & Economic Affairs .She elected Member of National Assembly from NA -177 Muzaffargarh district on the ticket of Pakistan People Party.She was also elected in general election of 2
Last Updated: 13 May 2012 20:53 PM

Qavi Khan
Pakistani Best Actor Qavi Khan
Qavi Khan has worked in more than 200 films and performed in plays, radio, television and theater are innumerable. When we talk about representation Qavi Khan definitely occupies a place that can be called a living legend. The drink is still Qavi, 64 years, with the spirit of youth. Go for a walk every day morning and enjoy good health. He spoke to him this author to achieve the maximum from his memory and wide. Highlights for the same are as follows:
Last Updated: 13 May 2012 10:54 AM

Javed Chaudhry
Javed Chaudhry As Host TV Programs
Javed chaudhry is also a popular a newspaper columnist in Pakistan. He published his columns in six series , he mostly writes his point of view in Urdu language in nastaliq script. one of the most famous and notable column series which got a lot of popularity is “Zero Point“. this column series made a great impact on young generation of Pakistan many people got inspiration from Javed chaudhry Columns. he is writer/ columnist for Daily Express News urdu Edition , he writes columns for express news four
Last Updated: 13 May 2012 06:31 AM

Farah Hussain
Farah Hussain Host/Anchor ATV
Farah Hussain is most beautiful and popular anchor and TV star, Farah Hussain born on November 8, 1974 is a Pakistani television actress and presenter, whose career started as a side role in a TV drama serial, Bandhan. Farah played a minimal role but had a very strong character which left her in the hearts of millions of her fans. The character was named Dil Baji and for a long time people would call her that.
Last Updated: 12 May 2012 10:32 AM

Aamir Saleem
Aamir Saleem Pakistani Pop Singers
Aamir Saleem started singing when he was in school and he bought his first guittar after working in a hotel as a receptionist in summer holidays. He formed his first music band with the name "Image",his best friend naveed mugees was on guittar and alim arshid was on keyboard .After that he moved to Karachi in 1987. He used to sing with different bands to make money and record his first solo album that took three years to complete.
Last Updated: 12 May 2012 04:38 AM

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